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Proven Ways to Increase the Performance of Your PPC Campaign

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Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing today. One of the reasons for this is its cost-effectiveness. In a PPC ad model, businesses only pay a fee equivalent to the number of times users clicked the ad. Through this, you get a better deal than paying fixed fees without being sure of whether your ad is actually generating user traffic. Additionally, PPC is popular because it gives quick results. You will see how your PPC campaign impacts your traffic the same day you launch your campaign.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably troubled by weak returns on your PPC campaigns. Worry not. Reputable Portland PPC management companies have a few tips to ensure your PPC campaign succeeds.

Target the right keywords

One of the most popular ways businesses are implementing PPC campaigns is by using Google. Companies bid on what keywords they want their ads to show up on. The more people that bid on a certain keyword, the more expensive the price per click becomes. Given this, there’s intense competition and high fees associated with general term keywords.

Most small businesses will be forced to stick to less competitive keywords, which are often long-tail keywords. Often these terms have a low search volume, meaning not many people tend to search them. However, this shouldn’t get you down. It’s been proven that users who search using long-tail keywords are on their way to being converted. Having 500 searches on a keyword and getting 50 conversions is better than 10,000 searches but only 100 conversions. Use keyword research tools to determine noncompetitive, but mid to high search volume keywords relevant to your business. Use trial-and-error to pin down the keywords that give the best return on investment.

Make your ads more compelling

Using your PPC monitoring tool, you can check for which ads are gaining impressions but not clicks. This means that your ad isn’t eye-catching or compelling enough to entice users to click. To fix this, you need to write more eye-catching headlines. Use calls to action and enticing offers like discounts and free items.

Use effective landing pages

Once users click your ads, the next step is to convert them. Effective landing pages are ones that are well-designed and straightforward. It should provide all the necessary information that the ad promised. If you’re trying to sell a product, include a photo of the item, necessary descriptors like specs or size, along with a clearly visible button that will lead the user to the checkout page. Use buzzwords that will entice the user to make a quick purchase like limited stock or flash sale.

Part of running a campaign is monitoring the results and reflecting on the outcome. While it’s unavoidable that some campaigns may fail, it won’t be a waste if you gain valuable insight from it. However, if you can’t afford to take risks, you can work with professional Portland PPC management agencies. Besides having in-house PPC experts, they have extensive experience in tailoring PPC campaigns for various businesses.


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