Home Product Review's QB Kraftz Review 2022 – Is This Really Worth It?

QB Kraftz Review 2022 – Is This Really Worth It?

QB Kraftz Review

QB Kraftz Review – Today, we’ll be discussing a product that is used to create various ice molds for all kinds of drinks.

I give you QB Kraftz, an innovative ice mold making gadget used to make different ice shapes to enhance your drinking experience.

Kindly read through this QB Kraftz Review to learn more about it. Thank you…

What Exactly is QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz is an ice cube shape producer which comes in different molds to enhance your drink on any event. Most of use love to drink, it could be casual or mostly at home and meetings.

In the event that you have tried various molds, I can truly say that the clear ice-cutting QB Kraftz makes far more superior ice shapes than costly ice molds, the most perfect and most clear ice blocks.

QB Kraftz Review

How to Use QB Kraftz Ice Maker?

Follow these 4 simple advances referenced below:

  • Boil and cool your filtered water.
  • Pour your cooled water into the chosen mold.
  • Place the QB Kraftz Engine into the freezer.
  • Pop out ice and make your mixed drinks

Features of QB Kraftz (QB Kraftz Review)

There are many shapes: Forget about customary bored cubic ice – you can make many intriguing unforeseen shapes with QB Kraftz. It’s the best upgrade with any drink. Let’s take a look at the amazing features below:

Protected: Your ice will not be contaminated by other scents in the cooler with a layer of external spray. The slow freezing process additionally relies upon this isolation layer.

Portable: QB Kraftz is anyplace conceivable! It’s anything but a cumbersome, spacious ice-production machine.

Easy-to-use: You’re only two steps from your crystal clear ice! You simply need to pour water into a selected mold and put it in a cooler. After some time, the ice will be prepared!

Slow freezing system: This strategy permits you to acquire completely clear ice that adds additional sparkle to your beverage and doesn’t dissolve as fast as normal ice cubes. You’re getting unadulterated ice from QB Kraftz and each barkeep and cocktail enthusiast ought to make progress toward this.

Stackable and reusable: QB Kraftz allows you to produce as much ice as you need! Numerous reuses can be made of QB Kraftz.

Affordable: QB Kraftz doesn’t cost an arm or a leg and makes certain to be a flawless and helpful item. All good bartenders realize that without top notch ice a cocktail isn’t of standard.

What You Can Expect From The QB Kraftz:

  • Proficient quality ice making kit
  • Patented design to guarantee best quality ice
  • Protected for purity
  • Slow freeze guarantees clearness
  • Many molds to select from
QB Kraftz Reviews

How Would You Make the Perfect Cocktail? (QB Kraftz Review)

It’s start with ice. Without the best ice a quality cocktail isn’t the same. QB Kraftz has been built to address two significant ice and cocktail issues.

To start with, your drink is refreshed and more enjoyable to taste.

Next, your drink is diluted by water blending in with spirits and ingredients as it is liquid. Try not to stress over dilution, since it is a fantasy that the flavor of your cocktail is diluted.

Outstanding mixologists know, and research has demonstrated that the spirit and related smells are opened by a little bit of water from the slowly liquefying ice.

The Reason Most home beverages are ruined in light of the fact that:

  • Refrigerator ice is small
  • Refrigerator ice is cloudy
  • Refrigerator ice smells

Perfect, clear, unadulterated, large ice is the key to the best cocktails. Only a couple systems are intended to make this feasible for bars and for home. In such manner, QB Kraftz is by a long shot the market leader. The significance of bigger ice is basic, as it doesn’t dissolve as fast as little ice. The surface is bigger and the ice stays solid and cold in your cocktail like an iceberg.

Who Needs QB Kraftz Clear Ice Maker? (QB Kraftz Review)

Any individual who loves making mixed drinks or is keen on getting another leisure activity! You don’t need to drink liquor to partake in the advantages of this gadget. There are some extraordinary beverage recipes with frozen cubes for various styles of beverages. Here are a few top choices from other QB Kraftz reviews:

Coffee cubes

If you have extra coffee, wait for it to cool and make coffee cubes for an invigorating iced coffee in the morning. Add this to your favorite milk base. It works admirably with dairy, oat, or nut milk. This formula is my most loved in light of the fact that I prefer cold over hot beverages. To improve my beverage, I will sprinkle a bit of chocolate or caramel on top.

Lemon cubes

Ideal for water! For individuals that like a slice of lemon with their water or bubbly beverages, this works extraordinary. It will last for a couple of drinks and it’s a clever method to utilize your leftover lemons in case they are going to spoil.

Infused water cubes

At the point when I have friends coming over, I like to use fruit cubes in a big container of fresh water. It’s a lively method to give your plain, boring water a bit of flavor, without prepared sugars or sweeteners. Assuming individuals need to sweeten their water, they can add a touch of sugar to their own glass.

Juice cubes

I like juice cubes for youngsters. Most times a whole glass of juice has more sugar than I’d like, so I let the children choose what sort of juice they need and let them add it to either a cold glass of water or sparkling water. Allowing children to engage in the process will likewise urge them to drink what they made.

Cream cubes

This turns out extraordinary for iced coffees assuming you need to cool your hot coffee down. If you have children, this is great in hot cocoa too.

Fruit cubes

Freezing fruits in an ice cube is a pleasant touch to a bowl of punch or individual beverages at a little, however special evening gathering or party. Simply make certain to wash and trim your fruit of any stems or unpalatable skin. When the ice is completely melted, chances are, you will want to eat fruit!

Herb cubes

These turn out best for homemade ice tea. Herbs like mint, basil, or even a bit of rosemary draw out the natural tea flavor. You could likewise have some basic sugar handy to balance the flavors.

QB Kraftz Review

How to Make Clear Ice With QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz clear ice is not difficult to use. At the point when you make traditional ice cubes, the ice is cloudy in light of the non-directional freezing that happens. Little air bubbles and gas are frozen in the ice and this prompts the cloudiness in regular ice.

However, as you’ll discover subsequent to reading QB Kraftz reviews, the patented solution utilizes an insulated freezing bar that requires:

  • Pouring water into the top filter.
  • Gradually lowering mold into place.
  • Placing the unit upright in the freezer.
  • Allowing to freeze for 2430 hours.

How to Get the Most Out of QB Kraftz Ice Maker (QB Kraftz Review)

Enormous prevailing ice cubes are not intended for every drink.

They are not for any of these that are extraordinary beverages:

  • Blended margaritas
  • Daiquiris
  • Ice lemonade or iced tea

They work consummately for dominant mixed drinks involving:

  • Tequila
  • Rye
  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Whisky
  • Gin
  • Whiskey

You must have observed in cocktail bars those giant ice cubes that fill up the glass. The ones that sparkle like jewels, are bold in shape, and are super clear and pure. At the point when you utilize this sort of ice produced by QB Kraftz, serving a spirit-forward cocktail over a large rock ice will add less water to your drink over the long haul, and truly draw out the flavor, and yet, keep the strength of your drink.

QB Kraftz allows you to make large ice, “which permits cocktail temperature and dilution to remain consistent for an enjoyable and extended timeframe”. This permits you to partake in the best whisky and the best cocktail.

Cocktail that are strong we call spirit-forward drinks, and these are best served over big ice, as the flavor is improved. Mixologists prize their crystal clear pure ice on account of the surface of the finished drink and the sensational look. A large number simply say, “Bigger is better, I don’t have a clue why the big cube makes a superior difference, however nobody denies it, it simply does”. Big ice rocks look sensational yet in addition don’t move around so much and keep your cocktail unbruised by the dilution of small block ice.

QB Kraftz Review

Pros of the QB Kraftz (QB Kraftz Review)

  • It’s completely user-friendly.
  • Proficient quality ice quickly.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • QB Kraftz ice mold gives refreshing taste to drinks.  
  • Patented design to create quality ice cubes.
  • Insulated material permits slow freezing and slow melting.

Cons of the QB Kraftz (QB Kraftz Review)

  • Ice cube making takes time.
  • Limited stock.

Customer’s Review on the QB Kraftz

Let’s take a look at the testimonials from users who have already tried QB Kraftz, and see what they’ve been saying:

Bernard D. – ”I submitted my request online and got a major discount! The item came quick, about seven days from request to delivery. It was neatly packaged and it came in perfect condition. I adhered to the simple guidelines and soon I was enjoying clear ice!”

Arthur T. – ”You might be considering “how I figured out how to get top of the line lounge quality ice cubes? On my record, having visited some nice Bars and cocktail professional lounges, I have seen the Verities in the cubes. A few places, the Barman have to go to an astounding degree of carving out their molds for clients’ drinks. However QB Kraftz has numerous molds and they are lovely.”

Jesse K.– Toronto, ON – I really thought a great drink was fridge ice and a little shake. Ice makes the drink, and QB Kraft let you make big clear ice that is like freshly cut ice out of a glacier. 100% pure. Best cocktails.

Ellen B.– Pittsburgh, PA – I was part of first-generation preorder. They beat their ready dates and I was amazed how fast I received my product. I am looking forward to this next issue and all the great shapes coming monthly.

Josh K.– Des Moines, IA – Lets face it, when you make a drink you end up drinking the ice. Fridge ice from the regular dispenser is small, cloudy and often smelling of what’s in the freezer. This company is on a mission to make the best ice for cocktails and they have delivered so far.

QB Kraftz Review

Frequently Asked Questions About the QB Kraftz

Is QB Kraftz safe?

Yes, the silicone utilized by QB Kraftz is FDA-approved and certified to be 100% food-grade.

I used the QB Kraftz ice maker yet I actually got bubbles or cloudy ice. Why would that be?

There are a couple of various reasons why you may not be getting completely clear ice. In the first place, ensure that you are boiling the water and allowing it to cool. A few group guarantee that bubbling it twice will guarantee even more clear ice.

If the cooler is set too cold or the QB Kraftz unit is excessively near the cooling vent, this may likewise be a reason. This is on the grounds that the long, slow freezing that is made conceivable by the QB Kraftz’s insulated design isn’t being put to legitimate use. Keep in mind, the ideal cooler temperature for perfectly clear ice is – 15°C (5°F). The ideal freezing time under these conditions is approximately a day and a half (36h).

In the event that your enormous ice balls (the Baby Alien ones) are clear yet the drip tray at the base is cloudy or bubbly, that is ordinary. The ice there could be no more regrettable than the ice up top in terms of flavor or smell, however isn’t intended to look as great. You can in any case utilize it so as not to squander it.

I can’t get the ice to become unstuck?

We suggest letting the QB Kraftz rest for as long as 10 minutes so the ice can loosen itself from the molds. In case you’re utilizing the round molds, you can be somewhat more “forceful” in removing the ice by twisting it with a bit more power to get it out sooner. The drip tray at the base may likewise be stuck for a bit longer, so it’s ideal to show patience for that.

In case you are in a rush, you can run some water over the mold to accelerate the thawing out process.

What number of different shapes are there?  

Other than this astonishing Baby Alien mold, QB Kraftz arrives in an assortment of shapes, from various games, movies, flowers, and everything in the middle. This allows you to enjoy your beverages even more, rather than having boring, lame ice cubes floating sluggishly in your scotch. At present, we have 13 shapes underway and there are hundreds of new ideas being conceptualized each month, so the potential outcomes are limitless!

Is it easy to use?

Yes, QB Kraftz is similarly as simple to use as the exhausting plastic “despondency time” innovation that we’ve been left with for quite a long time. You should simply pick your favorite mold and pop it into the freezing bar, and pour fresh water through the particular filter openings. 

How would I clean my QB Kraftz?

The insulated layer will not have to be cleaned, yet in the event that you spill something on it or feel it’s filthy, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth and air dry it. The silicone molds can be washed with soap and water or can be placed in the dishwasher without harming them.

What else would i be able to do with QB Kraftz?

If you want, you can freeze different fluids to make juice cubes in the summer or coffee cubes for that perfect iced coffee. You can even put in frozen berries or fruit to add a subtle however pleasant flavor to your beverages.

How many layers of QB Kraftz can i stack?

You can without much of a stretch stack however many layers as will fit in your cooler to make ice for a whole party assuming you want.

Doesn’t ice dilute drinks?

If utilized inappropriately, indeed, however with QB Kraftz, you get bigger pieces of pure ice, which means it melts at a far more slow rate, permitting you to enjoy your beverage at a reliably cool temperature without rushing. What’s more, the best mixologists realize that a tad of water from gradually melting ice opens up the spirit and its related flavors.

QB Kraftz Review

QB Kraftz Review:

Totally! Getting super clear and perfectly formed ice is an underrated extravagance that is available to everybody. The utilization of this gadget isn’t completely restricted to the purpose of making cocktails. You can freeze coffee and have a perfectly iced drink later on! Everything’s up to your creative mind how you will utilize this ice mold making gadget. We know one thing without a doubt – this gadget merits each penny!

QB Kraftz utilizes a time-tested technique of slow freezing and that is the reason ice made with QB Kraftz is so particularly clear. At the point when ice freezes at a quicker rate, the air bubbles can’t vanish totally, in this way leaving a cloudy appearance. Interestingly, when a slow freeze method is utilized, the previously mentioned air bubbles have more opportunity to “escape”, subsequently the perfectly clear outcome.

QB Kraftz is designed with an external housing insulation for slow cooling and an exceptional valve at the base that permits water to push from there as it freezes. The mold you embedded creates the ideal shape. You should simply pour boiled and cooled water into a chosen mold, place it into the freezer, and pop out ice at whatever point you need to mix a drink. It’s all truly straightforward! Freeze water, cream, coffee, lemon, juice, fruit, etc…

Final Thoughts on the QB Kraftz Review

From my experience, I see nothing wrong with them after I have tried the ice cubes of the QB Kraftz against other products alike. However, you can only purchase them online, though it’s not a big deal because most people already buy different stuffs online. Sadly, you can’t test things before you purchase. It doesn’t hurt doing any research or reading some QB Kraftz reviews in case you’re having double mind.

These light ice cubes can change the mood for the rest of the evening and can really change an entire dinner. They make your beverages more tasteful, enhance the taste and increment the worth of your beverage. The best arrangement you can get from a simple ice cube tray is QB Kraftz.

It also comes with a 30-days money back guarantee, so that if at all customers are not satisfied with the product, they can return it within the specified date and collect their full refunds. So you have nothing to worry about.


Since we first wrote this, many people have asked us where to get the best deal on QB Kraftz. The brand is actually running a promotion right now: Free Shipping on ALL orders and a 100% money-back guarantee with a 50% discount offer with free shipping, so you can try QB Kraftz risk-free. They’re also running some special deals if you buy more than one. Click the button below to get your special deal –


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