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Samsung Dryer Heating Element : How to Replace and Reset

Samsung Dryer Heating Element

Oh No! Has your Samsung dryer heating element stopped working? You are not the only one facing this problem. Several causes lead to the heating element breakdown. Don’t worry. You can replace it with a new heating element. But, what about the installation? Is it difficult or one can easily do it? Where can one find quality dryer heating elements that are compatible with Samsung? What are the causes behind drying element failure? How to curtail the chances of dryer heating element failure? Be patient, we are going to cover everything here in this article. Let us discuss all these points one by one.

What Are The Causes Behind Dryer Heating Element Failure?

In general, if you follow all the precautions mentioned in the catalog, clean the vent and lint traps well, your dryer heating element can last up to 14 years. However, the Samsung dryer heating element lasts up to an average of 10 years and it can go up to 18 years maximum. But, how did your heating element stop working? What are the reasons behind the dryer heating element failure? Let’s discuss this here.

a.   Excessive Heating Of Heating Coil

Heating elements are made up of different conductor materials like- copper, nickel, etc. Mostly, manufacturers use some high conductive alloys like- Nichrome (an alloy made up of nickel and chromium). However, sometimes, the coil gets heated beyond its melting point, and then it simply burns out.

b.   Insufficient Venting

Insufficient venting is the major cause of excessive heating and dryer heating coil failure. Vent pipes in a circuit-like path are more likely to cause excessive heating. It is because the more bends are there in the pipe, the less will be the maximum allowable length. In such a case, the vent pipe with fewer bends or a larger maximum allowable length can help you.

c.   Not Cleaning The Lint Trap Properly

If you use a lint brush regularly, it can keep it clear. Not cleaning the lint trap properly can block the vents. Moreover, if the lint trap is dirty, it blocks the air also. Likewise, if the dryer is exhausting air properly, placing it too close to the wall is not a good practice at all. As a result, the coil gets overheated and you meet a dryer heating element failure. Be wise and maintain a proper distance between the wall and lint trap. Because air intake on the backside requires fresh air.

d.   Thermostat Of Your Appliance Is Faulty

Sometimes, even after replacement, the element runs out repeatedly. It may be because of a faulty thermostat or the thermostat is not switching off the heating element at a high temperature. Moreover, a similar thing may occur when the insulation in the wiring is not appropriate.

e.   Thermal Fuse Is Not Working Properly

Sometimes, because of some reasons, airflow gets restricted. As a result, the internal temperature of the heating chamber rises enough to blow the thermal fuse. You can perform a simple test to check it. Inside the back panel, the fuse is mounted to the exhaust duct. Take an ohmmeter, disconnect the fuse, and touch the meter’s leads to the fuse’s terminals. If it shows anything else than 0, it is sure that the thermal fuse has blown. In such conditions, you have only one option, just replace that thermal fuse.

Replacement Of Samsung Dryer Heating Element

If your Samsung dryer heating element stopped working or it is heating very slow, there are several cheap fixes available. You can try these fixes at home easily.

1.   Cleaning The Duct

In the case of your dryer is not working and you found that the duct is clogged. Here is a quick fix that can help you out. Clean out the duct immediately and then turn the dryer on. In most cases, it will fix the issue. We suggest you clean the duct at least once in six months. It will help in keeping your dryer away from any risk of fire. Moreover, don’t forget to look for the chocked lint screen and other possible points that you expect that they may get clogged.

2.   Replace The Thermal Fuse

If the drum of your Samsung dryer is spinning but there is no heat at all, don’t waste your time in switching it on the high heat mode. Rather, check for the thermal fuse immediately. This fuse helps in preventing the dryer from fire if the temperature increases. And, there are a lot of reasons behind it. Well, first check the fuse. It is located near the exhaust duct. Disconnect the current supply and take the blown thermal fuse out. Now, simply replace it with the new one. But, make sure you have purchased the new replacement thermal fuse by showing the model number of your Samsung Dryer Heating Element to the store owner.

3.   It’s Time To Replace The Belt Of Your Samsung Dryer Heating Element

Sometimes, you turn the dryer on and it begins to buzz. But, there is no movement in the drum. Probably it is one of those issues that you can fix easily with fewer efforts. Yes, here you may need to change the belt. With time, the belts wear out. Unplug the dryer and remove the back panel. Remove the old belt and simply replace it with the new one. Normally, you can find the belt for your dryer easily at hardware stores. But, sometimes you may need to order for it.

Samsung dryer heating element

4.   Heating Element Itself Is Faulty

When your heating element itself is faulty, the drum of your dryer will spin normally, but there will be no heat. Every heating element has its time till which it can work properly. As a result, you have to replace the heating element. Luckily, it is not a big task to replace the heating element of your dryer. Get a new heating element according to the model number of your dryer and then replace it. You need not panic about the availability of heating elements. You can get one easily from a hardware store.

Different Replacement Parts For Samsung Dryer Heating Element

However, if you are unable to find replacement parts for your Samsung dryer heating element at your local hardware stores, here are a few items that you can easily get from Flipkart, Amazon, or any other e-commerce site. Have a look at a few of these-

1.   Dryer Heating Element DC96-00887A Kit

This heating element kit comes with a DC96-00887A bracket thermostat, a DC47-00016A thermal fuse. You will get a warranty of one year on this dryer heating element set. The DC47-00016A thermal fuse does not let the dryer start if however, the thermal fuse blows. This set is compatible with Samsung Dryer as well as LG, Kitchen-aid, and Kenmore. But, it is not suitable for a gas dryer.

The biggest benefit of this product is that the wire you get in it will be 25% extra loner than usual. Moreover, you will get Ni-Cr content of more than 95% whereas, in normal heating element sets, it is usually around 35-40 percent.

2.   TOMOON DC47-00019A Dryer Heating Element Compatible With Samsung

This heating element by TOMOON is a perfect replacement for the Samsung dryer heating element. Here, you will get a Nickel content of 97% that is roughly 30% higher than any usual dryer heating element. As a result, it offers you quick heating, appropriate thermal resistance. And, its high limit thermostat ensures that it works well in high current conditions. Thus, it saves your maintenance costs a lot. Furthermore, one can use this heating element with Roper, Kitchen-aid, Maytag, LG, and several other brands. This product comes with an after-sale guarantee. In case of any fault, we promise you a full refund or a 60 days replacement. This product will meet your requirements and follows the OEM standards.

3.   SAMSUNG DC47-00019A Heating Element

Nothing can be better than this one if you are truly looking for an original replacement for your old Samsung dryer heating element. Manufactured by Samsung itself, this product follows OEM standards and offers you an exact fit. So, need to care about compatibility. If you are getting this one, nothing remains there to ask. However, it may cost you a bit more than the other ones, we suggest you go for this one because the original thing is original. You will get the same quality as you had expected when you purchased your appliance from the showroom.

How To Replace The Heating Element With A New One?

First of all, slide your Samsung dryer away from the wall or any heat source, remove the power supply cord and disconnect the dryer vent. Open the back top cover of the dryer and remove the cover of the control panel. Next, remove the front knob of the panel and remove all the screws in the front of the dryer panel and front plate. Remove 6 heating terminals from the element and mounting screw as well. Take the old element out and the thermostat too. Next, place the new thermostat, and slide the new heating element into the drum and follow everything in the reverse order.


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