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Some Of The Latest Samsung Phones Under Low Budget Segment

Latest Samsung Phones Under Low Budget
Latest Samsung Phones Under Low Budget

In India, a report pointed out that almost 33% of mobile phones are sold in the price range of Rs.11,000 to Rs.18,000. It clearly testifies the demand for budget smartphones in India. Keeping this aspect in mind, top manufacturers like Samsung bring a range of low-budget smartphones to the market, alongside the high-end handsets. 

In almost every quarter, the brand comes up with a new launch in both economic and high-end smartphone segments. Hence, individuals looking for a Samsung new phone within budget should refer to the following list that comprises the most relevant options. 

List of new budget-friendly Samsung phones 

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Following is the list of Samsung smartphones that come under the low-budget segment. 

Galaxy M31 Prime Edition 

Price – Rs.16500 approx.

One of the best features of this new Samsung phone is its 6000mAh battery that ensures seamless operation all day long. This model comes with a 6GB RAM. Its Quad-core processer offers glitch-free online streaming, and the high-resolution display ensures a superb viewing experience. 

Galaxy F41

Price – Rs. 15500 approx.

The 15W fast-charging is one of its specialities that buyers can consider before purchasing a smartphone. Moreover, its full HD, AMOLED display offers a wide viewing experience with brighter and clearer picture quality. 64MP main camera makes this phone one of the most budget-friendly camera phones available in India. 

Galaxy A21s

Price – Rs.15000 approx.

The USP of this particular Samsung model is its 4 cameras. The octa-core processor ensures smooth performance and its storage is expandable up to 512GB. Besides its stunning look, it fits in the grip efficiently. The in-built Samsung Knox safeguards your phone against malware and potential cyber-threats. 

Galaxy M11 

Price – Rs.12000 approx.

This particular model is one of the best Samsung mobiles under 10000. Within this price range, users will get a wide full HD display and 5000 mAh battery. This model is available in three vibrant colours – black, violet and metallic blue. 

Like other Samsung phones, this one also comes with additional features like a fingerprint scanner, fast face unlock and UI and UX in a single UI. 

Galaxy MO1 Core

Price – Rs.6000 approx.

If you are looking for Samsung mobiles under 10000, this model can be an apt choice for you. Although it comes at an unbelievable price point, you cannot underestimate its features. Typically, it comes in two variants- 1GB/16GB and 2GB/32GB. 

Keeping up with other Samsung mobiles, this one also features Android 10 and intelligent UX, ensuring day-long activities. 

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If you are looking for the best new Samsung phone within a low budget, you can consider these options. Alternatively, you can also opt for high-end smartphones with the help of the EMI card without compromising your liabilities.


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