Home Technology Stair lift VS Elevating Platform – Which One Should You Use

Stair lift VS Elevating Platform – Which One Should You Use

Stair lift VS Elevating Platform


Nowadays in our fast paced daily lives, every one tends to avail of everything hassle free and this is also true in respect to the mobility solutions in our home.  For this there are a number of options out of which stair lifts, elevating platforms and home elevators are widely used.

Stair lift:

Stair lifts are the lifts which carries some one through the stairs up and down while sitting on it. Generally the stair lifts can be operated easily by pushing the control buttons in the required direction while sitting on it. The prime advantage of the stair lifts is that they provide the most economical way of getting rid of the scaling problems while providing the freedom of motion within our homes. No special architecture or construction work is needed before hand to install a stair lift, because they are attached to the stair cases and not the walls, thus making it easy for someone to use it without any remarkable alterations to the home. Practically anyone and everyone can use it without any difficulty even if anyone is having any problem in bending one’s heaps or knees. They can choose from a wide range of models with different shapes and sizes. For example ‘Sadler’, this is the blend between a chair and a perch seat. It supports the weight when someone sits back in it and take the pressure off the knees in a somewhat closure to a standing position while gliding the stairs. In short, the pros are:-

  1. Can be installed quickly.
  2. Budget friendly.
  3. Quiet.
  4. Easy ride with a comfortable experience.
  5. No construction work, so cost effective solution.
  6. It can be easily folded away or removed if someone does not need it temporarily as well.

But there are some cons as well:

  1. It has to be installed on a stair case only and no other place can be used.
  2. Conspicuous than other lifts.
  3. No room for heavy cargo for example wheel chair.

Platform lift:

The working module of a platform lift is that a rail is needed to be fixed up with the stairs and through the rail the lift can move up and down  through multiple floors or there are Vertical platform lifts which can move vertically up and down rather than in an inclined way. A platform lift can be used for carrying a person sitting on a wheel chair or a standing person as well. Also it can be used to carry cargo from one floor to another without taking any personal strain. Weight of cargo is not a limiting factor in that case for the elevating platform lift. While installing a platform lift, it should be taken care of that it can be fitted besides the staircase and adequate space is provided for it’s up and down movement. But the vertical platform lifts or home elevators need a particular space or shaft in a specified space in a building and tends to cost a more than the other two. In case of a home elevator, prior construction work and proper planning is required.  For platform lift, the pros are:

  1. There is no extra cost involved to run a platform lift regularly.
  2. Hazard free installation.
  3. Soundless movement.
  4. Able to carry cargo of higher weight.
  5. There is no building alteration hazard.
  6. Can be perfectly folded while not being used.
  7. If required, easy to remove.

There are cons as well:

  1. Comfort level may be less while riding.
  2. May not be suitable for all types of staircases.
  3. Conspicuous more than a stair lift.

In case of home elevators, the pros are:

  1. It comes in budget friendly designs and shape.
  2. Provides a comfortable ride.
  3. Provides space for heavy cargo.
  4. Valuation of one’s house increases.
  5. Staircase remains unaltered.

There are also some cons which are:

  1. Prior building work is required.
  2. Cannot be easily removed.
  3. Delays the completion of the project.
  4. May be noisy.
  5. Pocket pinch is high.

There are many companies which can guide people in installing different kind of lifts stated above like En Mouvement etc. These companies also have proper websites or apps which guide the customers through their various options and the services with proper guidelines can be booked from the comfort of one’s home.


All the options stated above provide different help and there are determining factors such as space constraints, the house architecture, user mobility and the price, should guide us to choose the most suitable option. Different people have different needs owing to their situation.


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