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Techniques for Getting the Most Out of Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or Cube is the portal to a universe of technological enjoyment, ranging from films to songs. Moreover, it also comes with Alexa. Let’s go a bit further into streaming a product’s interface and features. Here, we will discover that it could do a lot more than you would have thought.

1.   Uncover Unseen Diagnostics Panels.

The fire TV displays some overlay with information, including CPU loads, memory use, display resolutions, modern internet stream speeds, video resolutions, or some advanced diagnostic data.

Click and maintain the middle key of the navigation wheel lasting approximately a second, and hold that up while pressing and holding the down key in its navigation wheel. Remove both presses, then, hit your menu key after 3 or 4 secs.

To view such a panel, switch System X-Ray including Advanced Options on if the menu opens. It is useful for diagnosing issues with the Fire TV, determining which applications are the greatest intensive in your hardware, and ensuring you are receiving the most video qualities from the streaming platforms.

2.   Customize The Home Screen.

You are setting up your house the way you want it, so ensure to take the same care with the Fire TV home screen. In this matter, it is the key to unlocking the device’s and its apps’ full potential. Select an app from the home tab’s Your applications and channel section and click the menu key (3 horizontal lines) in the controls or remote control.

If the application is not currently on the top slot at your far left, you will notice Move the app and move to front options. If you want to relocate it, you may utilize your navigation wheel to adjust its position in your list of applications.

3.   Use A Smart Speaker to Manage the Fire TV.

Users can communicate to Alexa using the control that comes alongside the live TV on Firestick. However, users can still use Echo speakers to provide voice instructions. To connect single or multiple speakers to the Fire TV, launch the Alexa application on the smartphone, and select More, TV and Video, Fire TV, and afterward, Connect Speakers. This will allow you to connect to the Alexa device.

Users can utilize the Echo to manage what’s on the big screen as long as the speaker is using the same Wi-Fi networks as your Fire TV. Also, make sure that you are signed in to the same Amazon account.

Users could also utilize instructions like “play Parks and Recreation on Prime Video” to manage the Fire TV via Alexa. Amazon provides a comprehensive set of commands, such as those for managing playback and browsing menus.

4.   Protect Your Privacy.

Some largest technology businesses like Amazon love to gather as much data about you as possible. This will allow you to enhance how Fire TV functions and effectively serve you with advertisements.

If you’d prefer Amazon not to keep such tight tabs on you and the streaming device, go to Settings, select Preferences, and finally, Privacy Settings. Turn off all settings to prevent data gathering on devices and application usage to eliminate advertisements depending on the profile of interest.

You may also go to the Amazon Website to erase all records of Alexa searches and instructions you have executed on the Fire TV. Navigate to the Manage Your Content & Devices page, select the Fire TV device, and select Delete voice recordings in the menu key.

5.   Keep The Kids Under Control.

When you have children at home, you must activate the parental settings for your Amazon Fire TV devices. To enable these, go to Settings, Preferences, and eventually Parental Controls. Users may add PIN security to every Prime Video or app store transaction performed via the Fire TV while restricting the age limit of tv shows and movies available within the Prime Video app.

You should also note that these limitations solely apply to Amazon applications and services. To modify limits on other applications, like Netflix, you will require to go inside the application’s settings.

6.   Install The Remote App.

It is an Amazon Fire TV remotely controlled app for Android and iOS that users may find more convenient to use than the included remote. It can even be used to rapidly switch between various streaming applications to speed up entering names, credentials, and searching inquiries.

7.   Connect A Video Game Controller.

Users may not have given video games much attention when viewing films or playing songs on the Fire TV. However, multimedia streamers create great gaming gadgets. Also, today, there are lots more games to choose from, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Candy Crush Saga.

When you want to begin playing on the Fire TV, experts suggest having a controller rather than the Alexa Voice Control, since it allows it much simpler to operate. Moreover, a simple online search will provide a plethora of alternatives, but users do not require to splurge—the basic gadgets that arrive with the Xbox or PlayStation consoles, for instance, will function.

  • To attach a gamepad, just connect it directly to your Fire TV device through USB (if one is available) or attach it over Bluetooth. To begin connecting, navigate to Settings, Remotes, and Bluetooth Devices, then select Game Controllers in the Amazon devices.


An Amazon Fire TV is a media streaming player that allows users to view movies, listen to songs, enjoy gaming, and utilize other sorts of Web applications on the TV. The Fire TV features a Fire TV Cube, which is a hybrid of a Fire TV and an Amazon Echo device. To get started, plug either of these models into an HDMI connection on the TV and utilize the supplied controller to execute the on-screen directions to access the internet and pick the applications you prefer. We hope that you get the most out of your TV through these tips.




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