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Best Tools To Split PDF in 2021

PPT to PDF Converter

Just like in books, some of us do not need all the pages of PDF files. There are people you might only need a few pages from it, even just one or a couple of chapters. Additional functions from PDF readers such as bookmarks and search can make using them easier, but some might have to deal with a lot of pages that can cause confusion.

Aside from this, PDF files with plenty of pages could have a large file size. This makes the document difficult to share, as it can’t be used as an attachment or forward through a messaging app. These concerns can be solved by using tools offering split PDF online. Here are some of them that can extract pages from PDF:


Once you visited the homepage of EasePDF, you’ll be greeted with colorful images yet minimalist in format. In terms of using the Split PDF function, it starts by uploading the file. There are many available options such as choosing from the device’s file directory, cloud storage (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive), or from an online link. Once done uploading, the system will give the users an option to choose the pages to split. It will do its job for a minute or two (depending on the internet speed of the user) then the processed file can be downloaded when it’s done. The free plan has a limitation of 2 tasks per day on the website. The premium access plans start at US$39.95 per year.

Wondershare PDFelement

This PDF tool offers more than just online access, as it is also available as desktop software and mobile app. The two latter options also work offline, which is great for people who are on the move or do not have internet access. To access the split pdf function, click ‘Open files’ from the home screen, select ‘Page’ from the menu bar and choose the ‘Split’ option, then click on the pages you want to keep. As of writing, there is a promotional offer of US$79.99 per year (from the original US$129 annually) for either Mac or Windows access only. There are special prices available for teams, education, and bundle with other productivity tools offered by the company. Free trial access is also available but will require signing up for an account.


This is one of the most preferred sites that offer free online PDF tools. Aside from having a user-friendly interface, 2PDF.com has fewer ads that make it less confusing to use – unlike its competitors. It has a similar process with EasePDF where you have to upload, choose the pages to keep and download the processed file once done. Aside from this, users don’t have to worry about the security of the website as files can’t be accessed by third parties and deleted within 24 hours. The site also offers other different pdf tools such as but not limited to compress, delete, merge, and rotate. More advanced options like flatten and repair PDF is coming soon.



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