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The Best 3 Negotiation Skills to Level Up Your Digital Marketing

Negotiation Skills

The digital marketing and advertising industry was valued at $350 billion in 2020. Estimates indicate that by 2026, the industry is set to clock close to $800 billion in value. These statistics by Cision (PRNewswire) show the value that companies are placing on digital marketing, given the substantial return on investments.

By upping your digital marketing game, you can tap into these returns. So, let’s go over some critical skills that can help you take your marketing to the next level.

Cultural sensitivity

The digital marketing space brings together sellers and customers from across the globe. You can transact with customers and other business partners from anywhere in the world.

The broader reach of marketing through digital tools heightens cultural differences that can arise during business negotiations. That’s why it helps to master the skill of being sensitive to different cultures to help close deals faster. One of the best ways to be at the top of your game when it comes to cultural sensitivity is by mastering negotiation skills training.

Before you approach a negotiation to facilitate international deals, it helps to research the other side. Familiarise yourself with the other side’s norms and cultures so you can avoid causing offense or failing to read into a negotiation.

For instance, in some cultures, you may be expected to offer a gift to warm the other side up, while in other cultures, gift-giving may be viewed as a bribe.

However, avoid falling into the trap of stereotyping, or you may end up unwittingly offending the other person. It helps to train yourself to approach each situation individually. 

Artful persuasion

To succeed in negotiations, it’s important to train yourself in the skills of persuasion. Since the goal is often to bring both sides closer to a similar viewpoint, it helps to know how to convince the other person to hear you out and see things your way.

For instance, say you’re marketing a product that you sell on an e-commerce site. From the moment buyers open the site, everything must be working to persuade customers to buy from you.

So how can you use persuasion in your digital marketing? You can:

  • Listen to what your buyers need. Conduct prior research and surveys of your existing customers. By learning what customers need the most, you can use digital tools like your blog content to show buyers how your product or service is the best solution to address their pain points.
  • Use your website copy to send the right message to buyers. Focus on the right information that helps buyers when they are weighing their decision. For instance, your copy can center on the pros and benefits to tip the scales toward a purchase. Consider engaging trained professionals to help you craft persuasive copy.
  • Ensure your product or service delivers premium value. The more your customers are confident of the value they receive, the more they’re likely to remain firmly persuaded, swerving buyer’s remorse. Once buyers form a lasting positive view of your product or service, there is a higher chance that they’ll spread the word and help convince others.

Clear and effective communication  

One of the main negotiation skills is effective communication. Success in digital marketing channels often boils down to how well you master the ability to communicate well.

Some communication techniques include:

Effective delivery

Customers respond to strong value propositions. So, it helps to know how to frame your communication on all digital platforms to shine the spotlight on the value your product or service has to offer.

It also helps to consider your word choices. For instance, train yourself to use positive words such as win, enhance, and benefit to sway your buyers.


If your message is presented in a dry and uninteresting manner, your customers aren’t likely to respond. That’s why it helps to make your messages compelling and engaging.

For instance, you can use your digital platforms to tell compelling stories through text and include videos or images to capture attention. Video company Wyzowl reported that 84% of marketers said video helped them generate more leads, while 78% saw an increase in sales.


Knowing what your audience is looking for can help you present stronger propositions. So, it helps to have the right skills for effective listening and reading between the lines.

For instance, you can use both chatbots and live chat to keep lines of communication open on your site so customers can feel heard. You can also add regular surveys to get your customers to keep talking to you. By focusing your attention on listening to buyers, you can figure out how to improve.

In addition, hearing from your buyers can also help you plan your digital output more effectively to coordinate your digital marketing activities.

When your strategies are cohesive across all platforms, you speak with one voice. The result is often a strong brand presence that helps cement customer trust, which can cultivate loyalty. According to business publication Business2Community’s research, 62% of customers said they would stick with a brand they trust.

Overall, mastering the skills of negotiation training can help power your digital marketing efforts, which can drive the growth of your business.


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