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The Impact of SEO on Brand Awareness and How to Measure It

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SEO is a very important aspect of improving your brand awareness. Despite playing a significant role in generating organic traffic, SEO is vital in strengthening your brand and increasing its awareness. High awareness and recognition of your brand help in driving more success to your brand. SEO uses different strategies to impact your brand awareness and to strengthen it. Read through the article to understand the impact of SEO on brand awareness and how to measure it.

Relationship between Brand Awareness and SEO

The main goal of launching a company or brand is to ensure you achieve more traffic and sales by increasing its recognition and strengthening its presence in public. SEO will be a vital factor you’ll need to consider to improve your brand’s success and awareness. When seeking your brand’s success, the public should know all about your brand, from the values, niche, personality to the products or services you’re dealing with.

SEO is beneficial when seeking the awareness of your brand as it helps to optimize the websites, which aims to improve their ranking on the search engine pages. Higher rankings on the SERPS translate to higher visibility, and many people will be accessing your content. However, to achieve this milestone, you need to craft top-quality content for your brand to entice more target audiences.

Impacts of Using SEO when Increasing your Brand Awareness

When looking at the impact of SEO on brand awareness and how to measure it, it’ll be good to consider the additional impact it offers over the other strategies. SEO will also significantly impact your brand awareness besides branded content, paid advertising, social media marketing, and other marketing strategies. It offers an easier and more economical method of increasing your brand awareness. Below are the benefits of comprehensive B2B SEO strategy can do to your brand awareness:

Offers an organic strategy

When using SEO to enhance your brand awareness, you won’t need to pay any amount to achieve top SERPS because it’s an organic strategy. Your brand or site will gain high visibility and clicks for free due to the increase in your site’s organic traffic. Nonetheless, to increase the visibility or appearance on top pages of search engine results, it’ll be imperative to take your time and resources to craft top-quality content. SEO will guide you to focus on essential niches and choosing the right keywords, which plays a vital role in boosting your ranking.

Increasing your brand reach

When seeking the success of your brand, it’ll be essential to ensure that you reach more target audiences. SEO provides the extra mechanism to help your site and brand reach more audiences. The main aim of incorporating SEO with brand awareness is building quality content to rank on top pages of the search engines, translating to more views, and reaching a targeted audience. With more views, referrals, and top-ranking, your brand will reach more people.

Helps establish authority in the market

To get the search engine and public recognition, ranking on the top pages of Google search results is vital. Good user experience and a proper response are essential when seeking top results. SEO will help make your target audience see the results first, making them believe that your sites are the main providers of reliable reference or content than the other sites. This perception helps to strengthen your brand and its image in the audience’s minds.

Discloses content useful in strengthening your brand

Having valuable content that meets the searchers’ intent is essential in making your site win and increase brand awareness. The valuable content is beneficial in sustaining the authority of your brand in the market. You need to draft informative and educational content to strengthen your brand awareness, and SEO will be the backbone towards achieving it. SEO guides you to draft content that’ll be useful to your audience, gaining its visibility to more audiences.

Improve the website’s experience

Besides quality content, having a great website is also a key determining factor when building your brand awareness. It helps your audience have a valuable experience while using your websites; thus, generating more traffic to your site. Incorporating SEO when designing your website helps achieve an easy-to-use, well-guided, and designed website. A proper website design is vital to entice more users and audiences into your sites, thus improving your brand awareness.

Measuring Brand Awareness in SEO

Most brands find it challenging to measure the actual brand awareness in SEO due to the numerous things they need to consider. However, when incorporating SEO into your brand awareness strategies, we’ve got some indicators that’ll help check whether the brand is winning over your target audience. Let’s look at these key indicators.

1. Branded searches

When measuring the impact of SEO in achieving brand awareness, it’ll be good to consider checking the searches involving your brand name. Users can use it more on Google search to get information like your products, services, address, and even prices. Having a high brand search translates to more people’s interests in your brands. You can also use Google Analytics as it’s important for tracking the growth of searches on your brand’s key name.

2. Direct traffic

When measuring the impact using direct traffic, you’ll have to check the number of visitors to your site. The visitors may include those who access your browser directly via the URL or a saved bookmark. High direct traffic shows that your audience actively recognizes your brands. Google Analytics is also an essential tool to help track the growth of your traffic metric.

3. Brand mentions

Checking the mention of your brand on different social or web networks will also help measure the impact of SEO. An increase in the brand’s mention is a great indicator that more individuals are interested in your brand. Google Alert will be the appropriate tool to monitor the mentions and send notifications when individuals mention your brand. You can also check on social media and get your brand’s mention frequency and the type of comment (negative, neutral, or positive).

4. Share of voice and share of mind

These are vital marketing indicators you can use for checking brand recall and market visibility. These factors show your brand’s strength, as compared to the competitor’s brand. In addition, you can use them to show what’s on your audience’s minds and conversations. The share of mind strategy will solemnly depend on the specialized companies’ market research. In contrast, the share of voice will generally be on social networks using various monitoring tools.

5. Brand perception

It involves understanding the attributes and values individuals associate with your brand. You’ll need in-depth research, which involves using questionnaires and interviews to get the perceptions on your brand. When measuring the impact using this mechanism, Google Typeforms or Forms will be helpful. You can also use HotJar, which provides forms to capture your visitor feedback on the sites. Good perceptions from the visitor will be an indicator of a positive impact on your brand awareness.

Bottom Line

When looking to improve your brand awareness, SEO becomes an integral part. Apart from only driving organic traffic to your site, it helps to improve the content, website, and other vital factors to boost your brand’s awareness. After incorporating SEO into your brand awareness strategy, you can measure its impact using various tools like direct traffic, brand mention, perception, and searches. The above guide provides necessary information on the Impact of SEO on brand awareness and how to measure it, thus helping you to use it to improve your brand awareness strategy.


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