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The Intervention of Decentralized Apps and Smart Contracts in Modern Ecosystem

Decentralized Apps or DApps are the applications that are developed to process complex transactions over the blockchain ecosystem. Anything that is digital, it can be processed through highly secure transactions. Obviously, blockchain is the technology that has brought a revolutionary change to our primitive ways of handling data and mining the data. This is the new technique of processing, operating and administrating the transaction of data. 

We are so pleased to accept this technology in our modern computing ecosystem as they are extremely appealing and ideal for securing literally all kinds of the transaction happening on a daily basis. The best part is nobody knows the patterns or mechanisms of every transaction so nobody can track, amend or forge it. All the transactions in the chain are aligned in the form of blocks and they are completely immutable. 

Principles of Decentralized Applications

The intriguing technique comes under blockchain technology and it is called cryptography. The concept of cryptography was introduced to our civilization centuries ago and now the developers have finally found the best use of this technique. The most basic element needed to handle this excellent technology is cryptography and it is could be achieved by solving complex mathematical algorithms and problems. 

It takes a lot of time, energy and manpower. If you are able to do it, you will be able to create your cryptocurrency or transaction that could be used for processing certain operation. There is a need to solve these complex problem for the authentication process and that is done by cryptographic keys. 

These keys allow users to authenticate themselves to make transactions. In short, there are a lot of complexities associated with blockchain technology so we would be needing better and more efficient applications to successfully operate these operations. That is how decentralized applications were introduced. Lie it or not, computerized applications would be soon taking over all the operations in our world. 

Advancements in Blockchain Technology

Now there are many companies like AChain and EOS that are trying to create strong applications that can compute tough and complex mathematical operations. The Achain Decentralized Apps could be consequential in processing these transactions into simple by using smart contracts and other viable alternatives. One thing is for sure that it will take a lot of effort to create these decentralized applications.

  • We will need to take references from smart contracts. For people that do not know much about smart contracts, we would like to brief some of the fundamental concepts of smart contracts for newbies. 
  • They are just the part of codes and syntaxes used in decentralized applications. The transactions that are run on a routine basis can be tracked. 
  • The people involved in it will come to a mutual agreement and sign up to adhere to the immutable transactions for a particular purpose. 
  • It will save a lot of time and energy. The old methods of securing the transactions through conventional authentication methods have become obsolete. 

The history is evidence that these traditional security methods no longer are secure and they do not guarantee whether your data will be safe 100%. Blockchain technology is the basis of Bitcoin and that is how the legacy of blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to incorporate the blockchain technology into their model to process their digital asset transactions. 

The popularity of technology grew a lot after a couple of years. Later, many organizations started deploying the applications of blockchain into their business model and operations. Now it is time to make it reachable to the general public as well. All the digital wallets are powered by blockchain technology and that is why they are also called De-Fi Apps. 

Future of Blockchain Technology

With all these broader schemes of things, one might ask if these decentralized applications or DApps are so powerful and useful, why aren’t they deployed all over the world?” The reason is that these DApps are just at the initial stage and there are still a lot of things that need to be corrected. 

  • One of the major problems is that blockchain technology stores and processes tons of data at a time. There will be no sufficient space to store these data. 
  • In the future, these transactions would be traced only by using their respective timestamps. 
  • It is really quite unfathomable to contemplate. That is why there are developers working on these matters diligently for the past couple of years. 
  • Another big problem is that it takes a lot of memory in the system for processing each transaction. 

Whether it be a PDA or a desktop computer, it will take a significant amount of time to process every transaction and that is a major drawback. It will need a supercomputer for processing these data faster. 


Certainly, there are a lot of studies and brainstorming needed to make this technology formidable and complete. Of course, the developer would be able to come out with a viable solution for these small hiccups in the future. The blockchain technology is quite sound and much scalable. The decentralized apps are examples of how better this technology has provided us with great resolutions for underlying transactions.


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