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5 Tips and Tricks to Use Instagram Live to Improve Interaction with Customers


Instagram Live is a popular video broadcasting option that helps brands to show visuals in real-time to build connections and interaction. The feature though introduced in 2016, more and more businesses are now incorporating this amazing feature into their social media strategy, of late. This is the right time to make the most out of Instagram Live because 100 million users are posting or viewing IG Live daily. 

Brands can use this feature effectively to improve customer interaction as well as reach out to new, wider audiences. When you use relevant content on Instagram, the opportunities are endless on this photo-sharing social platform. 

According to an article published on https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com, a poll by New York Magazine as well as Livestream showed that 80 percent of the participants would prefer watching a live video of a brand than reading its blog. 

While you go Instagram Live, your content would rest right at the front of the IG Stories queue, as long you stay live, thus offering you the needed priority and visibility with your audience. You might be wondering how to start your social media marketing with Instagram Live. Well, here are five useful tips to boost customer interaction with your brand through live videos: 

1. Display One of Your Products in Use

You know that customers like to watch how-to videos because it is the best way to show your audience precisely how your products benefit them or work. These are short, quick visuals that your followers can see. It could also be long-form content through which, you can highlight the benefits of your products. You can use these videos in different ways, if relevant. 

How you will film a product demonstration is essential. It is different from conventional or typical product demos, as you do not enjoy the convenience of cutting to various camera shots and deleting unwanted content. When it comes to Instagram Live, it makes you take a single-shot video. 

Fortunately, people will not want to become 100 percent flawless because all commit mistakes. Then, make certain that you know your products and what want to say through your live video. Figure out how can effectively display each step of the entire process to your followers. 

2. Promote A New Product Launch

You can leverage Instagram Live to promote a new product launch of your brand. It is true indeed that traditional social media marketing is significant, getting at the back of your camera and describing the way your product works in real-time will pique audience interest and generate buzz surrounding the new product. 

When you are planning to launch a huge line of products and have decided on a particular launch time, visit your business Instagram page at least 15 minutes before the event. Once you are through, simply go live and promote your products to pique customer interest. 

Discuss what is so special about the products in your live video, the cost, where accessible, and ensure to countdown until the launch, when the product line is formally released, thus motivating people to purchase it. 

If you have no idea how stories or live videos work, figure out what your competitors are doing. You can view Instagram stories without them knowing

3. Organize A Giveaway or Flash Sale 

Organizing a giveaway or flash sale in your brand’s live videos through Instagram is one of the best and convenient ways to inspire and boost engagement and tell your audience to buy the products. 

Through a flash sale, businesses like to offer a discount code that customers can use to purchase your products. Choose a limited time during which the code remains active. A time limit will create a sense of urgency and if your discount code is beneficial enough, people will buy your products, no doubt. 

When it comes to a live giveaway just like a typical IG giveaway or contest must adhere to the rules and regulations to motivate people to take some action. You need to define all guidelines very clearly to avoid confusion. 

Some of the examples include the participant should tag three friends in the live comments section. He or she needs to answer a question in the comments section, comment with a specific emoji to participate, the participant has to ensure his presence until the end of the live video, and the final winner must be present live when the results are declared. 

These rules are quite simple and if followers would like to stick around and show interest, they can if they want to win. Then, most people like giveaways provided the prize is useful and worth the wait. 

4. Highlight Your Business Events 

No matter if your brand is attending an important conference or organizing a business trip abroad, or organizing a local event in the city, you need to share the same with your followers through Instagram Live. 

These events are best highlighted through live videos and not via static images. Use IG Live to delight your audience with a behind-the-scenes experience in real-time. Go live on Instagram to allow your audience to listen to the conference or event, learn new things, and even questions. Make sure a team member is live keeping track of the comments during the live video session, in case some person asks a useful question that requires an answer. 

5. Host A Question-Answer Session Live 

Hosting a question-answer session live on Instagram will help your business answer essential customer questions related to your brand, products, company values, and services. Addressing customer questions in real-time will get rid of any grievances or queries that buyers may have. 

You can make the most out of the Instagram feature, Live Request, through which customers can participate in a video chat live! Reap the maximum benefits out of Live Request for one-on-one interaction with your audience, live. It ensures a personalized experience for every user, who participates in the live chat session. 


Use these tips and ideas to promote your products, answer customer questions, host giveaways, or organize live chats to take your engagement to the next level. Go live and build customer interaction.


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