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Top 4 Industries Where Web Scraping Is Needed

Top 4 Industries Where Web Scraping Is Needed

As the number of internet users is growing with each passing day, the internet and online content have never been more important than they are today. It gets even more crucial when it comes to running a business in such a saturated business landscape that is the internet.

According to some statistics, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every day. With such an incredible figure in mind, it isn’t hard to conclude that data is the most important aspect of your business operations in the online world.

Since internet data is available and open to all internet users, the development of an array of software tools is on the rise like never before. These tools help residential and commercial internet users browse, identify, gather, extract, filter, and store the data they need for a wide range of different purposes.

With that in mind, let’s talk about web scraping, what it is, and the industries where it can be effectively leveraged.

Web scraping is a prominent tool for modern businesses

Web scraping is a fairly used term in the online community but many people are still unaware of what the term encompasses. Web scraping is best described as an online activity that helps internet users identify and extract valuable insights from target websites and web pages.

This activity is mostly used for the extraction of data that is available on the internet. Through the use of specially designed tools and programs, web scrapers find, gather, and extract data on a big scale, depending on the user’s needs.

You can use web scrapers for a wide range of purposes, ranging from comparing currencies and gathering different pricing strategies from your competitors to extracting images, doing competitive research, improving your marketing, web scraping real estate data, etc.

The truth is that web scraping can be anything you need it to be, as it’s one of the most versatile data extraction techniques today. Because of that, it is incredibly useful to countless businesses that use it to improve their revenues and grow their operations.

How web scraping works

Web scraping, although complex, can be quite simple, depending on the technique you choose. The most prominent one is to use a web scraping tool such as a bot or a spider. A scraping spider is a program that uses a specific algorithm to browse the web and index the most relevant pieces of information that match your query.

You can choose to set up your web scraping tool to either collect data quantitatively or qualitatively. Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that you’ll need to use a proxy to prevent your scraping bot from being detected, blocked, or banned. Your bot will crawl all target web pages to locate, filter, and extract the information you need.

Top 4 industries

Because of their ability to bypass safety and security mechanisms, web scraping tools can be extremely beneficial to countless businesses. With that in mind, let’s see the top four industries where web scraping is mostly used.

1. Marketing

The more data you gather on your competitors, the more successful your business becomes. This data helps you grow your business operations and expand into new markets. Naturally, getting access to data on the latest marketing trends and practices is also helpful in expanding your operations, while it also offers a competitive benefit in your business niche.

Marketers use the extracted data for adjusting their current marketing and advertising strategies, discover the best industry practices, forecast future demands, and find the best way to reach their target audiences. It’s the main reason why data analytics has become essential for online marketers.

2. Competitive research

In the e-commerce world, being able to do both qualitative and quantitative research on your competitors has never been more vital for businesses than it is today. Aside from getting information on the proven and effective practices, you can reap quite a few competitive benefits by analyzing extracted data from your competitors’ web pages.

This data helps you meet market and business data requirements. Doing competitive research with the right data in your hands means you can adjust your business strategies to beat your competitors.

3. Stocks, betting, and other statistics

Web scraping can be used for extracting all sorts of quantitative data from financial statements, transactions, institutions, all types of research, and more. That’s the main reason why web scraping is used in stocks, betting, and all sorts of different statistics as it provides valuable information on facts and figures you can use to forecast all sorts of future, lucrative opportunities in worldwide markets.

Web scraping real estate data allows real estate companies to collect property images, agent details, mortgage records, and foreclosure details. Web scraping also benefits bettors and realtors by allowing them to determine competitive pricing, compare their figures to similar competitors, get insights on the most relevant prices, and more.

4. Lead generation

Web scraping is an excellent way to gather valuable data for finding potential leads. It allows you to explore your competitors to see how they generate leads. Your competitors have a base of fans, followers, and customers who can all become potential lead prospects. All you need to do is set your web scraping bot to collect data on them and then use it to cater to their specific needs.


Web scraping can be very useful for a wide range of industries. It can help you gather data that you can use to create better business and marketing strategies, keep an eye on your competitors, discover the latest trends and best practices in your industry, and so much more.

Whether you need to improve your marketing, generate more leads, drive more traffic, or improve your market research efforts, web scraping can be used for countless different purposes, all beneficial to your business operations.


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