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What Are HR Departments Actually Tasked With?

HR Departments

The Human Resources department is a crucial part of the complex corporate superstructure. They take care of the most valuable resource that a company can accrue: people. Here are some of the specific areas in which HR departments hold responsibility.


Human resources departments are responsible for the identification and recruitment of good candidates. This involves the creation of person specifications, the posting of advertisements, and the active headhunting of talent. Recently, recruitment has been significantly streamlined through the use of specialist HR software. Big data analysis is also extremely useful for the identification of potential candidates. There has been a recent explosion of innovation in the field of big data analysis using AI that is geared towards helping with recruitment.


Getting new employees settled into a company is crucial. The initial orientation stage can be very significant in the overall experience arc of an employee. Human Resources departments usually shoulder this responsibility.


Although some large companies may have separate training departments and some small companies may rely upon peer-to-peer training, HR departments are often tasked with the organization of employee education to some degree. Training is completely essential to the effective integration and overall performance of a new employee and should also be conducted regularly no matter how long an employee has been with a company. The continued development of the workforce is often delegated to the Human Resources department.


Organizing the payroll of a large company is immensely complex. It is also very much within the jurisdiction of the Human Resources department. As well as organizing the company payroll, the HR department is also expected to be the first point of call for employees that have pay queries or disputes to bring up. This is very important for employee retention and satisfaction. Keeping the best brains at work naturally involves paying them fairly and on time.


All employees need to take leave from time to time. HR departments take care of the complex scheduling and payroll calculations that need to take place in order for a company to keep running efficiently while honoring its responsibility to allow for leave.


Employee benefits are a great way for companies to entice the best candidates into vacant roles. Human Resources departments are responsible for the development and maintenance of competitive employee benefits programs. They are the department that employees will contact if they feel like the benefits they have been promised are not being honored.


Quite possibly, the worst job in Human Resources is termination. Unfortunately, HR departments are responsible for all processes related to firings and redundancies. This is a dirty job, but it absolutely has to be done by the books. Employment laws determine the correct procedures and reasoning behind the termination. Any breaking of these laws can result in penalties and lawsuits – and rightly so. HR professionals need to keep abreast of the latest employment legislation and ensure that their company does not wrongfully or illegally terminate an employment contract.


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