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What Does Smite do in Minecraft Must Know Answer

What Does Smite do in Minecraft
What Does Smite do in Minecraft

If you are playing with enchanted items, then one of the most powerful enchantments that you can have is the Smite spell. It is extremely useful when fighting hordes of zombies or creatures. But what does it do exactly? What is the best strategy for using this powerful enchantment? This article will give you some answers! What Does Smite do in Minecraft ?

Smite Role in Minecraft :

The Smite enchantments is rather easy to understand and is commonly used as an instant damage buff. In short, Smite adds the damage dealt by the sword or axe to that of the undead mobs you destroy. There are actually 5 levels to the Smite enchantments, which is to be applied on weapons only. One level will apply to all your weapons and once you reach the fifth level, it will apply to enchanted items only. So, leveling up quickly is not recommended for this enchantments. However, if you are having trouble leveling your enchantments, then use these tips.

what does smite do in minecraft

You can get all the ingredients needed for these enchantments from the enchanting table. You just need to have the enchanted item, the level to use it with and a supply of enchanted dust. The recipe of the enchantments is located under the herbal crafting section. If you are a level 11, you can use the enchanted books to learn them. The enchanting tablets are also sold in the tablet shops and I highly suggest that you buy one or two of them to save time for using the smite spell.

What Does Smite do in Minecraft ?

If you are using an enchantment that has a wide variety of effects, then there is a possibility for the enchantments to deal more damage than their base value. When this happens, the value of the item will increase but the actual damage will not. For instance, if your character has an enchanting altar and is casting a fire protection spell, the altar can actually deal more damage than the character’s overall defense. So, instead of changing your entire equipment just to gain more defense, why not just use your existing items to boost your defense? There are still some enchantments that do not deal any damage at all.

If you think that enchanting will only increase your defense and not your damage, then think again. If you use an aura that has high duration and is cast by a player with the smite ability, you can actually increase the number of zombies you will spawn with every cast. Zombie characters are stronger, faster and tougher than regular mobs and that is what you will use to kill more zombies with every cast of the aura.

Some melee weapons have additional effects when they are used by characters with the smite ability. The potions of frost and fire and the battleaxes of earth do not only deal damage but also raise the chance of inflicting additional effects on your target. There are still other enchantments that can lower the armor value and make you deal more damage, such as those that increase the chance for area effect spells.

When thinking about what does smite do in Minecraft, it is easy to see how the enchanted axes could be used. One such weapon is the enchanted axes. These axes have the smite v gemstone attached to them which, when turned on, allows the wielder to apply the enchantments to themselves. Like with most items in the game, you can place these enchantments on yourself so that you can apply them instantly when you need to.

In addition to being used in combat, the enchanted axe can also be used as a crafting ingredient. You can craft an enchanted axe that has the strength, speed, use and weakness buff together with several different types of recipes. With these traits, what does smite do in Minecraft is transforming the simple and easy to use enchanted wooden weapon into something more useful in combat.


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