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What Services Does The Best Orthodontist In Nashville Tn Provide?

What Services Does The Best Orthodontist In Nashville Tn Provide

An orthodontist assists in improving the oral health of a patient like a dentist, but the only difference is they focus on occlusion, correcting bites, and straightness of teeth. If you live somewhere in Nashville Tn, you can expect the following services from experts:

Metal Braces

These braces help in the treatment of bite and alignment issues of the teeth. They have to be in place for three or more years based on your treatment’s progress. You can have some restrictions on what to eat and not from your orthodontist. These are attached to your teeth permanently and can be removed only by experts.


The Invisalign treatment, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to treat the issues of alignment. You can easily remove them for eating, brushing, or flossing. The aligners are made of plastic, and the patients are suggested to get new aligners every two weeks.

Lingual Braces

They are invisible to see as they are attached to the back of the teeth instead of the front. They are made like traditional braces but are more discrete due to their position of attachment. The lingual braces are difficult to clean and not a good option for people with overbite issue, as it can damage the braces.

They feel a bit strange at the start and can also restrict your speech because of their position, but as soon as you get used to them, it won’t create any problems.

Ceramic Braces

They are similar to metal braces, but the orthodontist will attach braces made of ceramic that is the same color as your teeth. If you don’t want the braces to be visible, you can choose this option, but you have to be careful as the food and drinks might leave some stain.


During an orthodontist treatment, a retainer will most probably be a part of it. After the removal of the braces, to keep the aligned teeth in place, a retainer is attached for six months. If the issue of alignment is minor, you can avoid the step of braces and only have retainers.

Malocclusions Treatment

This treatment is for misaligned jaws. When you search for an orthodontist near me in the area of Nashville Tn, your doctor can provide their expertise in the following categories:

  • Crossbite

In this condition of malocclusions, the jaws aren’t in bad shape, but the teeth are misaligned. For this condition, the treatment is easier in regards of repositioning them.

  • Overbite

In this condition, the upper jaw is bigger than the lower one and comes in front of it. It is also treatable if you visit an orthodontist.

  • Underbite

The lower jaw is bigger than the upper one and sticks out in front of the upper jaw.

To treat this condition, the orthodontist in Nashville Tn examines your malocclusion type and design braces or other devices needed to fit your jaws. It improves the overall alignment of teeth and making the jaw structure better.

Upholding Space

This treatment is necessary if your kid loses the teeth earlier than expected. For this condition, an orthodontist will provide the space fillers that prevent other teeth from overgrowing and taking up the space of the new one.

If you don’t get the space fillers, the chances are that your kid will need other treatments from the orthodontist when they grow up.

Bumpers for Lip and Cheek

Along with the alignment of teeth and jaws, you can get other services as well that causes discomfort in the mouth area. In some cases, the lip and cheek are extended that much, so they put pressure on teeth causing pain and uneasiness. The doctor will provide bumpers for lips and cheeks that prevent them from making contact with teeth.

If you live somewhere in Nashville Tn, you can check the services of Dillard Dental Services to get perfectly aligned teeth and jaw structure.

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