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2021 Digital Marketing Trends All Online Start-Ups Should Get Ready For

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  • Why is digital marketing important for small startups?
  • Trends to prepare for in 2021
  • Final note

The year 2020 has already left us with huge changes. While there were some losses, one cannot deny the advantages that quarantine and lockdown life brought for online small businesses. Online businesses started booming and consequently the adoption of digital marketing increased as well. 

However, now it’s a new year with new issues, bad and good news, and new trends to unfold before us. As a small online business, whether new in the market or old, you must have noticed a significant increase in people’s attention towards online ventures and their confidence to avail these facilities as well. Before, people were quite reluctant in buying online. 

But as COVID struck us and people became desperate for safe and secure alternatives of physical shopping, businesses had to cope up with economic impacts and become digital to keep their sources of income running. 

Many small startups emerged in 2020, and their success stories are endless. However, with a new year ahead, it’s time for all these businesses to prepare themselves for new challenges, new lessons, and new trends to keep up with. Let’s see what we can expect in the world of digital marketing and how things are going to get competitive in 2021. 

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Small Startups?

If you want us to put it in a one, concise sentence, then hiring services of an inbound marketing agency allows small startups to spend less money and reach more audiences. But that will be a very narrowed down and unfair picture of how digital marketing makes things incredibly easy and meaningful for small startups. 

With several service providers coming forward with competitive pricing and excellent internet plans and packages, nobody is denied the privilege of a smooth running internet that lets you connect to customers from all over the world. Small start ups can turn digital marketing into their favor and increase their reach from local, regional, national to global. 

There are excellent digital marketing resources available that let you track the results of your marketing techniques. Some good examples of such resources include HubSpot and Google Analytics. 

Since you are just a start up for now, your budget for marketing and advertising is also going to be less than full-scale businesses. In this case, it is important to have a digital existence and presence, which is made remarkably easier by AT&T internet costs that are much lower than one would expect from such fast speed internet. 

Your existing customers, as well as the potential ones expect to find you online because they are online themselves too. They are equipped with affordable internet and data plans that they carry with them everywhere. They can instantly look up products and learn about new businesses in no time. 

Moreover, digital marketing, such as e-mail marketing and social media engagement, allows businesses to build a strong and efficient two-way communication channel with their customers. As a result, valuable data about their customers makes value-driven marketing strategy a piece of cake. 

In fact, this healthy business-customer relationship provides start up with valuable feedback, and also tends to build brand loyalty. 

So, how does one reap these benefits in 2021?

2021 is going to welcome several new, and some even older digital marketing trends with a few innovations. It is important to realize how important internet marketing is for your business’s growth, and only then can you follow these digital marketing trends of 2021. Here are some trends that you need to look out for in the upcoming year.

  • Inclusive Approach

Inclusivity in business practices of all sorts is need of the hour. People are becoming more aware of how the social structure works, and are identifying different needs of different groups of people that exist amongst us. The year 2020 showed us the remarkable show of the BLM movement, which is a great example of how people, particularly those marginalized in the past, are ready to demand inclusivity in all aspects of life. 

So, when you are planning your products, and how to digitally market them, make sure you keep an inclusive approach. This means that your marketing tactics should be relatable for everyone, designed for everyone, and should cater to everyone’s needs. 

However, an important aspect to remember here is that inclusivity cannot be achieved by your digital marketing plan alone. In fact, your whole business model, from your product idea to how you price that product, has to be inclusive.

  • SEO For Audio-Visual Searches 

In the past decade or so, technology exceeded our expectations. One such technological innovation is the voice-user interface that actually allows us to communicate to computers and have them follow their instructions. People are now widely using voice searches on Google. Not only this, image searches are also becoming extremely popular considering the convenience and time-efficiency they offer. 

This new audio-visual search trend will require you to optimize your content accordingly. You will need to take steps such as adding alternative text to your pictures, adding SEO keywords for your image descriptions and file names as well. For videos, you can focus on content quality and don’t settle for anything less than HD. 

  • Customer-Centric Approach

Building a customer persona is not a new trend, but it is surely a very critical step in digital marketing. You need to break down your targeted audience into specific segments, so that you can design and plan your digital marketing strategy accordingly and get better results. Keep your business approach customer-centric, ask for feedback, and create customer persona through professional tools and resources to ensure accuracy. 

  • Welcoming the Gen Z

2021 is the year that the Gen Z comes to a point in their life where they will have independent income to spend on your product and services. And since we are talking about digital marketing, let’s not forget about how crazy the Gen Z is with their smartphones, tablets, and their Instagram accounts. Make your digital marketing approach more inclusive of Gen Z. 

Final Note

On a final note, we cannot emphasize enough how important digital marketing has become if you want your business to survive and thrive in this competitive market. Putting affordable digital marketing tools, and internet resources to use can actually be a lot more cost-efficient than you would imagine.


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