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What technology do you need to start a podcast?


2021 seems like it is the year of the podcast. There are so many podcasts popping up all over the world right now. There has even been an increase in people leaving their jobs to begin their own podcast journey. This article details what you need to start a podcast and ensure you are on the right track. Let’s start at the top with a focus on technology. 

What is the best technology if you are a beginner?

Naturally, as a beginner to podcasting, there are some essential podcast tools you might miss. You may not have the right recording structure or software, but don’t worry this article is all about helping you get off the ground. 

The best podcast equipment is of course the technology that has great reviews and has been tried and trusted by many DJs and podcasters. However, in a matter of a fact way, there are two things that you can’t actually begin a podcast without, and that is a reliable computer for recording and uploading, and a microphone. 

It sounds so simple but you’d be surprised at what people try to begin a podcast with. A recording on your mobile phone doesn’t cut it anymore in 2021. You won’t be able to build a podcast studio without these two pieces of equipment. 

Do I need a special computer or microphone though?

No, not really. You mainly need a portable computer and recording device as your podcasting journey may take you all over the world. If you get big enough, then it may be time to upgrade but we discuss that later. For now, whether you are podcasting as a duo or with a group of friends/colleagues, a desktop computer or laptop should do. 

Microphones are slightly different. You probably should not use your computer microphone as they can be unreliable and also make you sound distant. This is particularly relevant if the podcast is not down to just you. Before covid regulations, there were actually many podcasts which came about from a group of friends just sitting around one microphone. You can see why you would need a better microphone for this. No one wants to be that member of the podcast that the audience can’t hear. Many podcasters recommend a USB microphone, which you can plug into said computer or laptop. The fact these are portable are also a bonus in the scheme of things. 

If you have set yourself up in a podcasting studio or even just a recording studio, being able to easily transport your equipment is important. This brings us on to our next point. 

Finding the right environment to record your podcast

Technology is still important, but the environment does matter. For example, we have discussed the importance of having your own portable tech, but are there other things you need? Even as a beginner, you still want to give yourself the best chance of being successful. The best high tech podcast equipment is also quite expensive. So, what are your options here? Well, you could look into hiring out a recording studio or space which will help you save money and also ensure you have reliable equipment. 

Recording studios are a great place to start. Aside from your own computer, everything is already set up for you with state-of-the-art equipment. Eventually you may go on to be a podcast superstar, but you need to give yourself every chance. Recording facilities like the Berlin Proberaume ran by PIRATE provide every bit of tech you need to get started. With your reliable computer and USB microphone, they can certainly help you get going. Most of the technology we will go on to talk about can often be found in these recording studios. 

A reliable Audio Interface

You may be a bit of a novice but even if you don’t know what an audio interface is by name, you will know what it is by looks. A quality audio interface is known in many circles as the bridge between your microphone and your computer. Podcasting is not really as simple as pressing record, this sort of tech is vitally important. If you have a bit of time, you can play around and see the difference for yourself between sitting there on a screen and recording your podcast through your PC, and recording it through a mic and quality audio interface. 

Customised Headphones

When beginning a podcast, or even creating your own music, you need headphones which work for you. When we say customised headphones, we are not talking about personalised headphones in terms of colour and style, we are talking about recording specific headphones. Headphones on the whole help you to limit the number of mistakes as there are no distractions. 

Everybody has been there before. You are trying to either write music, write a book, or simply do some research in the library and you cannot deal with the distractions. Recording facilities will help limit the distractions but you still need high quality headphones. You can hear yourself speak. Wireless headphones or AirPods are probably not ideal as they won’t limit the noise as much as you want. The one thing you will have to get used to is hearing yourself speak. However, you wouldn’t be starting a podcast if you weren’t comfortable with that!

Storage for your Podcast

Is having storage and somewhere to store your files considered to be high tech? It is in the modern day. You need to have multiple backups and space. Fortunately, because we are now in the digital age, the software available is second to none and will help you to really deliver on your goals. Gone are the days of just simply uploading a simple mp3 file to iTunes. In fact, not really any podcaster uses iTunes anymore. 


You need lots of high tech equipment to begin a podcast. Sometimes, it may just be simpler to look for you to look for a recording space which provides all this equipment to begin your journey, and then go from there!


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