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What to Get Your Significant Other When They Graduate College


Graduating college is a big deal! For your significant other, there’s a chance you’re graduating together or a year or two apart, or they’ve gone to college and you chose another path. Either way, graduating college deserves recognition. Four years of hard work and determination, all wrapped into one celebratory day! You might be wondering what to get your significant other when they graduate college. Do you even get them something? Where do you start? Here are some college graduation gift ideas for your significant other.

  1. A laptop case. Laptop cases are a great useful gift for any college grad. Try getting one with a shoulder strap and some pockets on the outside. That way, they can carry around pens, folders and any other items they feel are necessary for business. A monogrammed laptop case is a great personalized graduation gift to give. With so many patterns, materials and colors out there, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for them. They’ll love the versatility and practicality of your gift!
  1. A romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant. They’ve just graduated with a college degree — they deserve to be spoiled! Consider taking them out to a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant. Get all dressed up in your finest clothes and order from the higher end of the menu.

Many people only graduate college once, so it’s important that you go all out, especially if they’re the first in their family to graduate from college. In fact, in the academic year of 2015–-2016, 56% of college students had parents who didn’t have bachelor’s degrees. If your partner is a first-gen student, they deserve to be celebrated to the max! Ask the restaurant if they can decorate the table with some flowers or a special table linen for you and explain that it’s a special occasion.

  1. A stand mixer. Is your significant other someone who likes to cook or bake? Why not get them a stand mixer for graduation? Using a stand mixer is one of the best ways for people to mix their ingredients quickly and precisely. They can whip up tasty treats or savory dishes, all with the convenience of a stand mixer. Gone are the days of standing over the bowl to mix one set of ingredients for five minutes. Instead, your partner can multitask while cooking or baking! It’s the perfect solution for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.
  1. Engraved drinkware. You can’t celebrate a college graduation without a set of engraved drinkware! Whether you choose wine, beer or champagne glasses, there are a variety of sets out there for everyone. Personalize your items with a sweet message of congratulations, or choose to give them a set that’s monogrammed or has their school emblem on it. Engraved drinkware is just one of the many engraved gifts you can give your significant other, including jewelry, cutting boards and more!
  2. A brewing kit. They’re going to need some beer to drink from their engraved beer glasses! Why not get them a brewing kit to create their own beverages? They’ll have so much fun with their friends creating their own flavors of beer. Who knows? It might just inspire you to use that college degree to start a small business! You can infuse a variety of spices and flavors into your custom brews, so each time they get the kit out they can create something new!
  1. A keychain. A keychain is a great gift to give your significant other who just graduated from college. With their daily commute to work, they’ll need a way to keep all their keys together. Whether you choose one that represents their alma mater or one that’s monogrammed with their initials, a keychain that comes directly from you is a sweet gift that your significant other is sure to love.

Choose one that’s made of durable material, such as steel, so that it can withstand the weight of all the keys that’ll be placed on it. Whether it’s personalized with embossing or a hand-embroidered tag, adding an extra layer of personalization to their keychain will make it an even more special gift.

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  1. A sweet photo of the two of you. There aren’t many gifts that are better than receiving a sweet photo of you and your significant other. Your partner will love to open their gift to see a photo of the two of you. For an extra special touch, place it in an engraved picture frame that expresses your love for your partner.

If you don’t have any professional photos of the two of you, reach out to some local photographers to do a session. Then you’ll have some recent, beautiful photos to add to your photo frame. If neither of you spend lots of time in front of the camera, find a selfie or a photo that might be lingering in the back of your camera roll. Alternatively, you could place their graduation photos in the frame, instead.

  1. A framed map of their college town. If they’re moving into a new apartment or space after graduating from college, then they’ll need some wall art. Consider having a print made of their college town or campus. Whether you contact a local artist to have them hand draw the streets, railroads and other landmarks, or you use a digital printing company, it’s a sweet gift that your significant other is sure to love. They’ll want to display it right in the center of their living room after they open their gift!
  1. A book. Whether it’s a copy of their favorite novel or a book to help guide them into their new phase in life, everyone can always benefit from getting a book! Even if they don’t read it right away, a book can always be seen as a sweet and thoughtful gesture or gift when given by someone special. If your significant other is a book lover, getting them a book is a no-brainer!


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