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Why the Future of Recruitment Is Virtual


Recruiting the right employees is absolutely crucial for any successful business. Companies are increasingly turning to virtual recruitment platforms to help them pick the right candidates. Here are a few reasons why.

It Spares the Environment (and the Company Budget)

The recruitment process is traditionally a very paper heavy one. Paper resumes and adverts, paper tests and paper letters sent to candidates all use up tons and tons of pulped up trees every single year. Not only is this bad for the company budget, it is bad for the environment, too. Paper is, of course, made of pulped wood. Humanity’s thirst for paper has led to a huge amount of deforestation all around the globe. This contributes to climate change by altering the carbon cycle and destroys natural habitats for all sorts of endangered animals. Virtual recruitment does away with paper – saving companies money and helping them do their bit to slow down deforestation.

Virtual Platforms Allow for Easy Analysis

Recruiters don’t just have to conduct interviews with potential candidates. They also have to be careful and methodical analysts. The best recruitment specialists will be aware of academic principles surrounding interview analysis. These principles include framing theory, coding and ethnographical analysis. Analyzing interviews is tricky work at the best of times, and it becomes even harder when interview data is split across multiple formats. Tape recordings, written questionnaires, aptitude tests and digital video all need to be analyzed: and this can become a real labyrinthine task. Virtual recruitment platforms make interview data analysis far simpler by collating all possible avenues of data collection into one interface.

Candidates Are Wary of Coming in for an Interview

Recent changes in the way we engage with work probably won’t have escaped your attention. The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has rightly made people wary of coming into a place of work unless they absolutely have to. All sorts of remote communications technology have gained popularity within the vacuum left behind after the decline of physical proximity at work. In recruitment, many companies have taken to using popular video conferencing platforms to conduct interviews and meetings. This can become very laborious and confusing and can make record keeping difficult. Data silos are often created: meaning that information is not shared between departments. Virtual Recruiting platforms like Oleeo allow a recruiter to integrate all of their remote interviewing tools (such as Zoom or Teams) into one handy interface. This helps to keep everything simple – even as the world of work becomes more complex.

It Takes the Stress Out of Scheduling

The recruitment process often involves some serious disruption to your planned business schedule. Organizing interviews, resume reviews and meetings can be both time-consuming and distract your senior employees from pursuing more pressing business goals.

Virtual recruitment platforms make scheduling far more simple. A good virtual recruitment platform collates all calendar events into one central hub – making it simple to book in interviews and meetings. Much like the project management software that is streamlining collaborative work, virtual recruitment platforms are essentially simplifying frameworks.


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