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Why WordPress Is Good for Website Development in 2021 ?

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While WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, is it suitable for professional websites? There is no shortage of popularity for WordPress, with an estimated 75 million sites. There is a strong probability that you will come across a WordPress website on the majority of search engine results pages.

Is WordPress Appropriate For Business Websites?

WordPress is an incredible content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to create a professional website. WordPress is used to power websites for Fortune 500 firms such as Walt Disney, Forbes, and Microsoft. Its open-source architecture enables unprecedented scalability, cost control, and customization. It’s developed with great out-of-the-box SEO and WordPress design features. Web Development India has been recognized as top web development companies in India with good hands on experience in WordPress development.

WordPress is an incredible platform for developing professional websites and blogs. While we recommend WordPress to the majority of organizations, it is not suitable for everyone. Let’s go over the WordPress advantages and disadvantages to see if WordPress is a good fit for your website. You can hire a WordPress developer in India to create a scalable and secure website at affordable cost. Many WordPress companies in India offer dedicated WordPress developers to hire.

Is WordPress a suitable platform for professional websites?

WordPress is an incredible platform for creating stunning professional websites. Not only does it manage all of your stuff (content management system), but it also grants you tremendous creative freedom. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of WordPress.

The founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, has made it his life’s purpose to create a truly timeless website platform. As he stated once:

β€œIt is my obligation to meet as many users as possible and to steer the software project in a direction consistent with their interests. I met approximately 2,000 or 3,000 folks that earn a life using WordPress last year.”

Mullenweg, Matt

We adore Matt and his vision. WordPress has grown at an unprecedented rate. And the best part is that WordPress has not alienated a sizable portion of its user base. Thousands of individuals earn a life from WordPress, and Matt and his staff are well aware of this.

Top Reasons for Professional Websites to Use WordPress

Open Source: Because WordPress is an open source content management system, developers from all around the world can create add-ons to enhance the user experience. There are already over 50,000 plugins available within WordPress for adding functionality to your website. Whether you’re adding a shopping cart (WooCommerce), customer contact forms (Contact Form 7), SEO support (All in One SEO Pack), or site security (WordFence), you’re in excellent hands. Additionally, if your site gains traction, the open source code lets you to employ a developer to design unique components for your site.

If you are not a skilled designer or require a jump start, WordPress developers have built millions of pre-designed themes to help you get started quickly and easily. There are numerous themes that look just as good as thousands-of-dollar custom websites. You can begin with a fantastic free theme like as OceanWP or Astra or upgrade to a premium theme such as Astra Pro or Divi. There are even themes designed for niche purposes such as Amazon affiliate websites, product storefronts, hobby websites, blogs, and professional websites.

Rich tutorial: While WordPress is not the simplest platform to use, the learning curve is not steep. Additionally, learning WordPress is a million times easier than learning how to develop custom websites. The good news is that there are an absurd number of YouTube, Udemy, and other online courses available for mastering WordPress. My recommendation is to remain with YouTube for the time being. There are millions of videos available online that demonstrate how to install WordPress and master specific themes and plugins. There is no reason to be fearful of WordPress. We’ve even included a quick guide to get you started.

While other web platforms such as WIX or SpaceSpace are inexpensive and easy to use, you will be constrained by their internal technological development (which is not open source) and will be locked into their price model if you intend to keep your site long-term. With WordPress, you have complete control over how much money you spend on each part of your business. You can begin with less expensive website hosting ($3/month) and a free theme. As your website increases in popularity, you may upgrade to better hosting and a premium theme with more customization choices. With WordPress, the sky is literally the limit.

Validated: Since 2003, WordPress has been powering websites worldwide. WordPress is not going anywhere in the near future. The parent firm of WordPress (Automattic) generates more than $120 million in revenue, employs nearly 1,000 people, and has a CEO approval rating of 90/100 from Owler. Not to add that a large number of Fortune 500 organizations use WordPress to power their websites (more on that below).

As you can see, WordPress is quite remarkable. If you are not a developer but believe your website will require flexibility in the future, WordPress is your best option. You won’t be locked into a proprietary framework, you’ll have greater control over your spending over time, and you’ll be able to design a stunning site in less than a day, allowing you to launch your site in record time.

What is there not to like? WordPress is fantastic.

Which well-known websites make use of WordPress?

If you’ve ever considered using WordPress but decided against it because you believe it isn’t “professional” enough for your website, you’re mistaken. Sincere, but accurate.

WordPress is used by billion-dollar companies to power their websites. If it does not demonstrate its worth, I’m not sure what does. They have the funds to switch to another platform, but they continue to use WordPress.

I was unsure at one point whether WordPress was the ideal platform for my business. And then a developer friend informed me that he frequently uses WordPress to build client websites. That struck me as odd, as he is an outstanding coder.

He stated that it was quick, simple, and adaptable. Additionally, he emphasized that it is built on adaptable code that he can tweak to his taste. That makes logical, but how many other people use WordPress? I required additional persuasion…

After conducting some investigation, I quickly discovered that my friend was not alone in recommending WordPress. Every day, massive corporations utilize WordPress to fuel their multimillion- and billion-dollar businesses. When you begin your study, you will be amazed at who utilizes WordPress.

Why WordPress may not be a good fit for your website

While WordPress includes security plugins, vulnerabilities can and do occur. Because WordPress is so pervasive in the world of web development, if a hacker discovers a single vulnerability in WordPress, they can immediately exploit millions of websites. Hackers can gain access to WordPress via insecure hosting, weak login credentials, out-of-date software (due to lack of updates), PHP vulnerabilities, and poorly constructed plugins. This occurs frequently. While we are not attempting to scare you away from WordPress, you should be aware that open source platforms like as WordPress are more vulnerable than closed source systems such as SquareSpace.

Issues with hosting: Not all hosting is created equal. It’s fairly simple to be suckered into cheap hosting and a cheap domain name only to discover that your website visitors are forced to wait ten seconds for each page to load. The majority of low-cost hosting options are “shared.” This means that your website will share a server with other websites. Not only does this create a security risk, but if a website hosted on your shared server experiences a significant traffic increase, your server’s performance may suffer as well.

WordPress need upgrading. It stinks, but it is a fact of life. Your theme’s code will be updated, WordPress itself will be updated, each plugin’s code will be updated, PHP code will be updated, and your hosting company’s code may be updated. Many of these do not automatically update. As a result, you’ll need to keep an eye on it. Without regular updates, websites become vulnerable and buggy.

Plugin carnage: Plugins expand the capabilities of WordPress. Additionally, plugins make WordPress a nightmare. Installing an out-of-date plugin that hasn’t been updated in two years could cause your entire site to crash. Not all plugins, on the other hand, work well together. That is true. If you Google “Plugins that break WordPress,” you’ll come across many thousand examples of plugin failures.

WordPress is not difficult to learn, but it is not the simplest. The user experience is only adequate. I was perplexed when I first began learning WordPress. I’d figure out how to tweak something and feel fantastic as a result. And then I’d switch to an other theme and find the same feature in an entirely different location. At times, the open-framework can be infuriating. You’ll need to invest significant time understanding WordPress, creating webpages, and installing excellent plugins that don’t ruin your site.

What type of assistance is required? There is little support. It’s open and free, and it would be prohibitively expensive to support all of the free WordPress sites available. Unless you invest in paid themes and plugins, you are likely to be on your own. If your site goes down, you’ll need to fix it yourself or hire a web agency. If there is an issue with WordPress itself, you may contact help here.

There are themes that are lightning quick and themes that are SLOW. There are firms who offer insanely fast hosting and then there are firms who offer SLOW hosting. Certain plugins compress and magnify, while others CRAWL. There are numerous reasons why your WordPress site may have slow performance, which can be infuriating. These things are discovered by trial and error. You can test the speed of your website with GTMetrix to get a sense of its performance.

E-commerce is time-consuming: launching a store using WordPress is not straightforward. While you may hear people laud about WooCommerce and other shopping cart plugins, the truth is that they are not straightforward to use. And it can be exhausting if you are a newbie. Bear in mind that it is an open source project, which means that you may need to configure landing pages, shopping cart pages, checkout pages, and transition pages. You’ll require form configuration, privacy language, and payment processor integration within the pages. You’ll also need to configure a mail client and auto-responders on the backend. It’s quite a bit.


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