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5 factors that you should take into account to calculate your budget when buying a car

When you are in the buying process, it is important that you take into account other factors in addition to the cost of a new car, here we break them down for you

To make a decision when buying a Mitsubishi l200 for in Kenya we must do a real analysis on our budget if we are going to opt for a financing plan, it is very common that many buyers take into account only the cost of the monthly payment, but there are other factors that with They are frequently neglected and have a strong impact on the economy of Mexican families and are directly related to the ownership and use of a car. 


The cost of the monthly payment will be the primary expense, but not the only one, before going to the dealership and giving the seller a target figure about how much we want and can pay per month, it is important to add other expenses so as not to be economically exceeded on a daily basis, then we present them to you.

1.-  Insurance : All financial companies make it mandatory to insure the car during the term of the loan and it can be paid in cash annually or deferred so that it is included in the monthly payment of the car, it is important to have insurance that protects our assets and protects us Of accidents that unfortunately can happen, if we are involved in an accident and it is determined that the responsibility is ours, a good insurance covers the expenses of the third party involved so that we do not have to break the pig or go into even more debt. However, if you keep getting into more accidents and you’re considered as a high-risk driver, you might have to pay more for your insurance and you would need an additional endorsement like an sr-22 california.


2.-  Fuel: Currently, no car moves with air and although there are some electric cars that reduce this cost to practically nothing, the reality is that most Mexicans acquire a car powered by gasoline or diesel. We can calculate the approximate cost of fuel per month with a very simple formula that involves factors such as the estimated fuel efficiency of the car we buy, the number of kilometers the car will travel in a month and the cost of fuel, the formula is as follows:

Cost = (1 / estimated performance km / L) * (kms traveled per month) * (fuel cost $ / L)


3.-  Parking : Some of us have a garage at home and parking at work, however, if we do not have this facility, we will have to pay a pension that implies a fixed cost per month, it is important to be able to store our car in a safe place to shelter our investment and that it does not represent an easy target for lovers of other people’s things. Also, if we plan to use the car on weekends to walk with the family, we must consider that we will probably pay for parking in shopping and recreation centers.

4.-  Maintenance : according to used car dealer in Keya, Cars need to be given maintenance every so often (which in many cases is semi-annual or annual) to stay in optimal operating conditions, some brands allow you to pre-pay for services to a certain point at the time of the purchase and with it we will save some pesos, however, it is a cost that must be taken into account.


5.-  Procedures: Although vehicle ownership has already been abolished in many of the states of our country, an annual referendum must be paid, to this expense we must add the cost of renewal of the circulation card when applicable, vehicle verification semiannual and an estimate for fines, it is not expected to incur them, but the reality is that unforeseen events do happen and therefore must be considered.

Adding these five factors to the cost of the monthly loan we will obtain our real budget, and with this budget plus the current expenses of the family we will know if we can afford to buy a car or if, on the contrary, it will be convenient for our pockets to look for a cheaper car that fits what we can afford. It is also important to identify our needs to choose the right model; There is no point in purchasing a large car, which will be more expensive to insure, maintain, and park if most of the time we travel alone.


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