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What Are The Top Tips To Choose An Ideal CA firm in Delhi

Hiring a Chartered Accountants (CA) firm becomes inevitable arises when it comes to growing your business to reach new heights successfully. Without the assistance of professionals with excellent accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, GST, auditing, and other skills related to finance – a subject which might not be your field of expertise, the road to building your empire becomes a lot easier.

If you’re a business person or entrepreneur planning to hire a CA firm in Delhi for consultation or for even utilising their resources in your accounts department, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover the essential tips for hiring the best CA firm as well as a few names of such organisations which remain a boon to all the businesses, primarily operating from Delhi.

So, let’s get this started!

5 Tips For Choosing The Ideal CA Firm In Delhi

  1. Ask For Recommendations

Being in the commerce sector, meeting new people every day is an ordinary thing. But you can make these meetings work for you by conversing with these people, who either already have a successfully established business or are on their way towards it. 

Contact them and ask for referrals of their CA firms or any other name they have in their minds. You can also reach out to your mentors or friends belonging to the business field and ask them for the referrals. 

  1. Qualification Is A Key Factor 

One of the most important things you need to remember is that the people you’re looking for must be experienced in the work they do. The main reason why you’re set on a quest is that you don’t have “professionals” on-board when it comes to financial subject-matters. Had your business been in an earlier stage, you could have managed all such activities by yourself. But as you take a step forward, the need for refining your team gradually increases.

Hence, look for professionally recognised CA firms who possess the license to perform such work.

  1. Experience Matters

The one thing that goes hand-in-hand with qualification is experience. Whilst qualification adds testimony to their knowledge on subjects like taxation, audit and assurance, and many more, experience plays a crucial role in proving their practical skills like reasoning, ability to solve and advise you correctly, etc. 

It also provides you with a glimpse of their past clients, how well the CA firm has aided them. More experience implies that the CA firm is reliable and well established.

  1. Identifying Your Requirements

Ask yourself why exactly are you hiring a CA firm? Do you need their assistance for tasks like accounting and bookkeeping, or are you in desperate need of a proper and thorough consultation regarding your business plan/structure? The more specifically you point towards your needs, the better understanding you gain of what your expectations are. 

Once you are aware of these, look up for CA firms which have the potential to address all your concerns.

  1. Fees

Last but not least, comparing the fees or charges of CA firms is also a crucial task to perform. Whether you have an entire list of names from which to select, or you have only one firm in your mind, asking them for their fees beforehand is imperative to avoid unexpected expenses later. 

Top Chartered Accountant Firms Near Delhi

Given below are a few names of the highly qualified CA firms you can contact:

  1. Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co. (Delhi)
  2. Nangia & Co LLP (Noida)
  3. Neeraj Bhagat & Co. (Delhi)
  4. S.N Dhawan & Co LLP (Delhi)
  5. Desai Haribhakti & Co (Delhi)


In a nutshell, the five main factors one must always remember whilst finalising a CA firm are- recommendations from business contacts, qualification, experience, recognising and understanding your requirements, and the fees. With all these pointers locked in, there won’t be any hurdle in finding the best CA firm for your business needs!


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