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5 Tips by Psychologists To Take Care of Your Mental Health

5 Tips by Psychologists To Take Care of Your Mental Health

In this dilemma of social media, our mental health is suffering more than it ever did. We are living a life of comparison. Assuming others as perfect and building a pile of insecurities. These insecurities lead to a lack of confidence in us. Ultimately, it turns out to affect our mental health. Unfortunately, we still have a stigma in our society of treating the patients of mental health in an abnormal way.

 People look down upon them. This dreadful behaviour leaves some menacing effects on the health of the sufferer. When we were students, we managed an event in our university where we invited the best psychologists in Rawalpindi. The event went super successful and the students got many useful tips to take care of their mental health. The psychologists explained some methods to get rid of anxiety and stress, they taught to steer away from the triggers.

People face different issues, for instance, students face stress of exams or they get dissolved into the burden of syllabus. On the other side, parents face troubles with the finance and budget issues of the home. Thus, everyone is suffering in one or another way. We can play our role by starting the progress at an individual level. We have to take care of our own health, then we will be able to help others in our surroundings too. So, let’s get straight into some of the productive tips. 

  1. Keep a Check on Your Diet 

Diet has the most important role in maintaining our physical and mental health. Eating more junk has not only a bad effect on our body but also on our mind. It makes us lazy and drowsy. Contrary to it, eating healthy keeps our mind fresh and active. Drink plenty of water. It will aid your metabolism and help in the efficient functioning of your brain. Eat leafy green vegetables a lot. Add some nuts and fruits in your daily diet. It will boost your overall health. 

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Sleep

Most of the people of the Z generation lack sound sleep. They have irregular patterns of sleep. Try to give yourself a peaceful sleep of 8 hours daily. It is going to prove as a boon for your mental health. Lack of sleep will hurt you physically by fatigue and tiredness. Your brain needs to calm down and rest. Few hours of night sleep is a necessity to fulfill the needs of your brain. Besides mental health, enough sleep is vital for proper functioning of your body. 

  1. Don’t Stick long to the Bad Habits

Sticking long to your bad habits is like a rust to your health. If you have a habit of smoking, start from decreasing the number of cigarettes per day and then quit it completely. Don’t get near to the consumption of alcohol. Alternate your habit of sleeping late into waking up early. Eat less junk and bakery items. Make it your lifestyle and don’t take these steps as a treatment. It all depends on your will power and determination.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

People who get obese face more issues than those who have maintained their weight well. Unfortunately, overweight people in our society have to face the taunts of people around them. We neglect the effect this bashing has on the sufferers. It causes them severe mental health issues. But yes, people should maintain a healthy weight to take care of themselves. Walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Working-out regularly and doing yoga can help in this regard. 

  1. Look For a Therapist

Make sure to follow these steps but don’t forget to consult your issue with a therapist. I remember when my mom got stressed due to my brother’s health and we got her consulted to a psychologist in Benazir Bhutto hospital, Rawalpindi. Going to a therapist and discussing your issues will help you in getting personalized treatment. You can get advice from your therapist and you can have help in dealing with your problems. Furthermore, you get someone to pour your heart out.  

Know Your Worth! 

It’s all inside you. You have to understand your self-worth. You have to realize that nothing costs more than your mental health. Adapt to the situation, go with the flow and learn to manage your stress. Keep yourself glued to your boundaries and your healthy routine!


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