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Services to Help Your Business Thrive


Running a business can be very exciting. Think about it- being your own boss and working for yourself, getting to sell or provide the things you might be passionate about, and sometimes getting a cheeky little lie-in too. It is hardly a surprise that some people take the plunge and open their own business ventures. That being said, as with many good things, it can also be extremely tough. Running a business requires a lot of work and support, not to forget backup plans, budgets, and consistent decision-making for your next move.

If you are thinking about starting your own business or are maybe just dreaming about being able to be your own boss just before your alarm goes off- here are some business support services, you should definitely know about.

Google Analytics

Starting with one of the top services in the business, Google Analytics offers you so many decent data-driven insights for… free. That’s right. Google also offers you learning courses on how to use it, so you are able to get the most out of your data, allowing you to make informed decisions for your next move rather than taking a stab in the dark (not recommended).

This service will allow you to find out what your most popular demographic is, along with their location, online shopping habits, and other information, helping your next move to become one that can encourage a sale.

Google My Business

Google, again, continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. While we might have to sell our personal lives to enjoy the finer internet things in life, Google at least makes sure we can find the finer internet things in life that we are looking for immediately, and ideally, right on our doorstep.

Google my Business is a great tool for getting your business ‘on the map’ and also comes with insights and other useful tabs. This means you can maximize your businesses visibility and make informed decisions based on your location and your competitors’ information. Click here to find out more!

Legal Services As a start-up entrepreneur, you want to concentrate the maximum amount of your time concentrating on growing your business. However, paying attention to legal compliances, licenses, permits and taxations are all areas you would need to fulfil from a legal standpoint. Hiring a legal firm to help you in this regard can go a long way in helping you grow. According to a leading law firm in Dubai, this is an investment that will help protect your business in the event something goes wrong somewhere down the line. Working with legal experts will ensure that your businesses’ paperwork is always updated and you do not encounter any problems.

Small Business Administration

If you are starting out and need a little more guidance, or perhaps you did not set up your venture as you might have wanted to, there are some brilliant resources at the SBA.

They can take you through the planning of a business, offer free business counseling, and advise on and provide business loans, just to name a few!

Whenever you are on your business journey, you can make full use of these resources to help give you a push in the right direction or sort out any bumps you are having.

Virtual Tech Support

There can be nothing worse than trying to get through your workday only for the technology we so heavily rely on to keep breaking, freezing, or playing up. Sometimes tech errors are so prominent that it means we become unable to finish the task we’re doing, which wastes time and money!

Using a virtual tech support service can be an extremely cost-effective (and reassuring) service that can help you get up and running in no time if you bump into any problems, especially if you have turned your tech on and off again.


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