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5 Best Tricks To Help Kids Remember Sight Words

Are you looking for some valuable tricks to help your kid remember sight words? Kids learn new words from their surroundings every day, but hardly a few can manage to recognize and utilize them in their regular communication. This behaviour of kids highly concerns many parents that the use of such knowledge can not benefit their kid in any way.

Our brain is designed in a unique way that it keeps the critical information upfront, and all the other unnecessary information goes behind the back. With kids who come across something new in their surroundings, it gets difficult to sort out what to remember and what not to.

But luckily, there is a solution to every problem, so for this one too. If your kid is among those who struggle with remembering words, this blog will be of great help. Follow us till the end to know the five best tricks that will help your kid remember sight words like a pro.

Make Word Association Web

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People’s mind converts what they learn into photos, thoughts, and emotions, among other things, and therefore draws links with what we already knew and remember before and the new knowledge. That’s how we recall information. The “fresh” components are inserted alongside the “old” pieces. Consider a tree. Isn’t it simpler to recognize a large tree with many leaves and branches than to view a smaller tree with very few leaves and branches? This is exact for the human brain. If you associate a specific word or concept with stuff you actually remember, the brain feels it easy to locate it when you’re about to recall it.

Begin from either a sheet of paper or a notebook mentioning the stuff you like to recall (phrases, thoughts, words), such as a spider’s web, sketch lines around it. Once you say the term or concept in the centre of the paper, write down any thoughts, phrases, or even images that come to mind at the tip of that line you drew in the beginning. Everything goes as long as you pen it down.

Put The Words Into Context

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Putting phrases into perspective is an intelligent way to remember Dolch sight words faster: rather than creating sets of unimportant words, consider putting them in conversational sentences. That way, you’ll understand the comment and its usage in everyday situations. It would also be simple and easy to remember if you consider using them in funny sentences. You may also create sketches or search photographs that will compliment the phrases and place the words in their appropriate surroundings based on your understanding.

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Remember In Chunks

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It’s necessary to memorize the words, but English, like French, is just a language, and languages aren’t just words that need to be remembered; they’re a means that humans employ to articulate themselves and connect. So, in your message, look for examples about how each term in your language is used. To help you remember the words for dictation for class 12. Compose a couple of sentences using them. The very next step would be to practice using the word by writing three complete sentences for it.

Make It Familiar

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As previously, I’ve mentioned how the human brain deals with necessary and unnecessary information. If you want to keep the information intact for a longer period of time. Then you will need to include it in your daily texts, conversations, paragraphs, etc.. Until the word gets settled in your head. Once you successfully trick your brain into considering the information as necessary, it will keep it in front even if you stop using it for some time; whenever you come across the familiar word, your brain will instantly click and bring out the related memory of the phrase to the front.


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