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6 new ways to Monetize your Facebook page


In recent years, we have seen that Facebook has become something much larger than an online platform where people used to connect with their friends and family. The social medium has now become an active marketplace.

Any good digital marketing agency knows that if a Facebook page has a good following then it can be used effectively to earn money. The good thing is that it’s way easier to use a Facebook page and then build a website.  

For your ease, we have compiled six ways in which you can monetize your Facebook page:


Think Mobile – Optimize for Mobile

Stats show that almost 50% of the people that use Facebook do so on their mobile phones or tablets. That means that half of your page’s audience is mobile users and you are left with no choice but to make sure your content is optimized for mobile.

The first step is to make sure that the cover photo and design posts are resized and optimized for mobile screens. If the page is attached to the website, you need that website to be mobile-responsive as well in order to keep the user experience consistent.

  • Sell Directly:

Like we mentioned before, Facebook is now an effective marketplace. Many small businesses use Facebook to sell their products and services without even having a website. You can even test out if the business will be successful through a Facebook page first. If you make the target profits, you can then decide to invest in a website.

  • Use Facebook App store to Your Advantage:

These were sidelined over the years, but are gaining popularity again. You can use a Facebook commerce app. A good digital marketing agency will explore this option for you and use it to your advantage.

  •  Facebook Exclusives:

 A great way to interact with the audience is to simply offer discounts for them. It will make them feel special to know that they get a discount just for being a part of your Facebook community.

Giveaways like free e-books are also a great way to boost engagement and encourage community post sharing on Facebook. A good audience means you instantly have a meaningful pool of people that big brands can target through you.

  • Capitalize on Presence through Local Brands:

Once you have gathered a good audience that engages with your content, you can use the stats to prove to local brands that you can really help them grow their business. In short, become an online influencer. With enough engagement and audience, you will see local brands reaching out to you to cash in on your audience as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive free stuff and have the ability to help small businesses grow? Building brain using social media is not that much easy, know how logo and brands identity help you to build a unique brand on social media.

  • Use video:

This is a huge deal and a great way to monetize your Facebook page. First of all, understand that you will have to create unique video content. This is important because your audience will show maximum engagement with content that is original and they won’t get it from anywhere else. Any good digital marketing agency will tell you the same thing. 

Once you are done with sorting that out. You can now apply for video ad breaks on Facebook. This means that Facebook will run ads in between your videos to get access to your audience, and you will get paid for that. Isn’t that great?

These are 6 sure-fire ways to monetize your Facebook page, but we are giving you another bonus tip. You will spend time and effort in making that page of yours successful, why not use your knowledge to design a course, class, or a book that will help others do the same? This can be sold through your page and you can earn good money from this as well.

Your Facebook page has the potential for being so much more than just a place to interact with people. It can be a place where you can get direct feedback from your customers, launch, and test new products and business ideas, or simply earn money as an influencer that is working to give brands the chance to serve a better customer experience.

Facebook has immense potential to skyrocket your business. All you need to do is to apply the right strategies to monetize your business’ Facebook existence. 


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