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7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets That Can Boost Digital Marketing Today

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Digital marketing is one of the most indispensable aspects of every business. And with certain business circumstances requiring entrepreneurs and marketers and to be on-the-go, it’s important to have a series of tech gadgets at your disposal that you can use to keep at your digital marketing campaigns. 

We’ve made a compilation of some of the must-have tech gadgets every marketer or businessman needs to have. 

1. Laptop

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A laptop will enable you to check your keywords research, SEO report, create graphics, store files, and publish articles while you are traveling. Even though desktop computers are considered to be much more powerful, having a laptop has its advantages because of its portability. 

These days, everything you can do on a computer, you can also do using your smartphone. Still, having a mini-computer will give you more comfort and flexibility. Besides, some digital marketing mechanics are only visible when you open it through a computer browser. 

2. Smartphone

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The great thing about smartphones is that they are quite handy in comparison to the laptop. This means from your pocket, you can quickly take a peek at what’s happening on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest. 

Smartphones can also be a great tool for jotting down ideas when you are on the road. Ideas are hard to come by and they are also hard to remember if you don’t write the thought down. Hence, we highly recommend that you use your phone for ideas apart from simply using it for social media marketing. 

It is also good for creating images. If you use an app like Canva, you will be able to create fantastic images through the app’s add-and-drop feature. You’ll have a Facebook post ready in just 5 minutes. 

3. Flash Drive


While you are most likely to save your files on your laptop, it would be a lot wiser to also transfer your most essential files on a flash drive (external hard drive if you have it). 

This is because there are times when you have to use somebody else’s laptop for certain digital marketing tasks. In that case, having a flash drive in hand will be necessary. 

Sometimes, while on the road, you have to work on a different task and then give the digital marketing work to someone else. In that case, having a flash drive where all your marketing resources are saved will come in handy for easy turnover. 

4. Multi-Device Keyboard

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Of course, you already have a laptop where you can do most of the typing but you don’t want to bring your laptop with you all the time. 

For instance, if you are at a restaurant, it would be much more convenient to leave your laptop in the car and then stick with your smartphone instead. If in case, you need to type something into your phone, a multi-device keyword would certainly come in handy. 

Even though your phone has touch screen capability, it takes longer for you to type that way, especially if you are going to write an article into your phone’s word processor. Hence, having a multi-device lets you move faster and be more flexible. 

5. Graphic Tablet

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Using drag-and-drop image creation tools like Canva can be a big help for social media marketing. But at some point, you will want to use graphics that sets your brand apart. This means moving away from customizable images to real graphics creation. That’s where tablets for designers come in. 

You will usually be able to create graphic images without a graphic tablet through Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. But the process will be much more difficult and it will take longer to finish. With a graphics tablet, you will be able to draw your concept image as if you were doing so on traditional paper. 

6. Earphones

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You certainly won’t use earphones in boosting your digital marketing but it’s still useful nonetheless. 

Boosting digital marketing will require constantly collaborating with your team. And this can be something that’s not easy to do if you are always on the road. With earphones, you can simply check back with your team using your smartphone/laptop and your trusted earphones. 

Meetings, while you are on the road, are inevitable. And you certainly won’t be able to hear your teammates properly if you were to use your computer/smartphone audio. Hence, bringing earphones at all times is inevitable. 

That’s not the only thing your earphones are good for. 

Let’s say that your marketing team is working on a podcast or a marketing video that you have to check for approval. In that case, having your earphones with you at all times is extremely beneficial. 

7. LTE Sim

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Gadgets aren’t your number one worries when you are on the road. We bring gadgets almost everywhere we go. So, it very unlikely that your failures in digital marketing would have anything to do with them. Most of the time, our troubles stem from not having any reliable internet connection. 

Some places don’t have reliable internet connections. Others don’t even have any internet at all. 

And when you find yourself lacking internet connection during a time when you need it the most, it can be devastating. 

Let’s say that you need to push out a blog or marketing video by noon. Yet, you can’t find any good signal just so you can send your final feedback to the team. 

So, it’s always good to have an LTE SIM with you. Most people these days already use this kind of sim card. But in case you don’t, this is a reminder for you to switch sim now. 

The great thing about LTE Sim is that they have really good data connections. So, when you connect, it’s as if you are connecting from a WiFi area. 

Final Takeaway

Digital marketing is one of the core mechanisms that keep profit going in a business. You can delay it even for a day or two. Due to its value business-wise, it would be wise to be prepared at all times in case you need to catch up on some digital marketing tasks while you are on the road. 

Our checklist above should give you a pretty good idea of the gadgets to start with so that your travel is digital marketing-proof. 


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