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A True Guide to Living in East Austin, Texas

Guide to Living in East Austin
Guide to Living in East Austin

For street art, East Austin is famous among the capital residence. Living cost is quite affordable having a creative and diverse community. Cocktails bars are available in every corner of this area which creates a cool vibe. This area is developing every day and you will find new homes whether you are looking for rent or own one. 

Here you go. We are trying to mention everything that you would love to know about East Austin. 

Housing Market

East Austin is basically a mix of small businesses and housing throughout the area. So, this is not your place if you are looking for a spacious house having lawns, pools, etc. If you looking for california apartments in best areas you can live with luxury.

This area is covered by a wide range of new and old Apartments buildings, single-family homes, some modern small homes and some renovated ones as well. East riverside apartments in Austin are quite affordable for rent. There are some cheaper new builds available also.  

According to the last summer, $440K was the average home price in this area. 

Eateries and Drinking 

East Austin’s food trucks and restaurants can be overwhelming for newbies. The diverse food scene such as Asian cuisine, Southers Dishes, BBQ and Gastro Pubs will amaze you for sure. 

East’s coffee is something more that you are looking for, they are really special and unique. Some of our recommended coffee bars are Quickie Pickie, Cuvee Coffee Bar and Cenote. 

Shop Local

The variation of East Austin’s shopping choices is huge! The Raven + Lily is quite popular for eco-friendly outfits while The HELM Boots will definitely attract you with their wide range of classy shoes. Tillery Street Plant Company and East Austin Succulents are two of the favorite points for those who are looking for succulents and other unique pants.

This is area is blessed by so many painting shops where you will find the ultimate painting for your walls.  

Musical Show and Venues 

East Austin’s music varieties are quite diverse and there are a lot of music venues including the popular restaurants of live music shows which attracts outsiders and the residents as well. 

Though for the recent Pandemic most of the venues are dormant the significantly mentioned places are Historic Scoot Inn, Sahara Lounge, The Coliseum, Hotel Vegas and The North Door which are the most favorites venues for hosting live music in East Austin. You will enjoy the best blues ever in Skylark Lounge along with some other genres. 

Keep It Fresh by Organic Gardening

Austin, the capital city of Texas is recognized significantly for its growing and buying local, organic produce. And East Austin is the main hub for these activities. For organic farming, East of Austin plays the most vital role in the capital city and more than half of the city’s community gardens are operated from this area. 

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Some of the top urban farms are Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Springdale Farm, Boggy Creek Farm and Green Gate Farms. So, if you are a person who always loves to keep your body fit and healthy thanks to East Austin’s farmers and gardeners. 
For Young professionals, Austin is a good place to live in especially on the East side where a plethora of housing opportunities available for them.


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