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Explore the Countryside View of Hanoi


the time schedules of a trip is what needs to be done primarily. With further proceedings and excitement, people can decide the relative things. After a careful pick of the city of Hanoi, there is more to involve in the same.

It is worth setting the wheels to move to a city underlining the historic culture of the place. Can you guess the name of the place? It is no other place but Hanoi, lying in the regions of Vietnam. Whenever professional guides are prompt about the Vietnam holiday deals, planning an itinerary to Hanoi is a must.

After an overview of the map of Vietnam, individuals need to focus on spotting destiny. Next, there are places strewn with the chords of harmony and traditions. Vacate your soul in the pool of multiple activities. That is to say, Hanoi is the most important city in Vietnam.

For a couple of years, this destination sets the milieu of culture and history. Also, noticeably the colonial occupation and war support the tourist destination.

Check the Differences

From a perceptual outlook, enthusiastic travelers love to make footsteps in the Asian borders. So, after visits to multiple capitals, they can map out better comparisons in relative terms to Hanoi.

Thereby rightly picks the best activities, day trips, attractions, and places to satisfy taste buds.

Want to draw the authenticity of the busy spot of Vietnam? Sometimes, the interests of people get aligned with travel plans. Next, it is worth losing yourself in the old French Quarter of Hanoi. Everyone wants to admire the vintage architecture of different marvels.

The Past of Hanoi

With an exploration, people gather artifacts that Hanoi owes its name to a past of 1000 years. Discovering the popularity of the region is something astounding. In the past era, the collective hub of handicraft guilds used to create their livelihood means.

Over the years, the place used to undergo a vast transformation. These days, along the aisles of the wide streets, the business of handicrafts is mounting high.

Surprisingly, each street of Hanoi is named after the types of products sold. So a wanderlust follows the digital map to trace the route of the alleyways. Therefore, there are two popular streets such as “Hang Bac Street” of ‘silverware’ and ‘Hang Duong Street’ selling candies, dried fruits.

While on their way to travel, none should skip the scope of viewing the ancient heritage of amazing models of Heritage House at 87 Ma May and Bach Ma Temple.

Embrace the Magnificent Charm

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Finding the location of Hanoi Opera House? Without visiting the iconic landmark how can an individual complete the trip? Manage to cherish the gorgeous appearance of the structure.

Before planning for the Vietnam and Cambodia tours, everyone has to have to know more about it. There is a strict disciplinary rule for which twenty visitors get allowed to step inside the hall. 

For the same, per person ticket price costs 120,000VND. Next, for the performance tour, 250 persons are permitted for ninety minutes. Also, they have to make a payment of 400,000VND per person.

Absorb the Local Feel

Having enough time to discover the surroundings of Hanoi? So, people can manage to plan for a day trip. It is better to connect with the local tour operators to find the perfect weekend getaway. Son Tay town lying at a distance of 40 kilometers is the ancient village to spot.

It is the ideal spot to indulge in the local flavors of the Vietnamese habitat and lifestyle. Here, they can manage to absorb the combined values of Buddhism and agriculture-based styles.

While making an entry to the old village, visitors recognize the beautifully designed gate of Mong Phu village.

The ornate decor features the ancient looks of the village. 

Also, the entire structure of the village resembles the concept of fish-bone. Visitors need to enthuse themselves in the spirited vibes of visiting Mia Pagoda, communal houses, and village temples of Duong Lam.

What to add to the Vietnam Cambodia tour to make it memorable? There is an interesting nightlife of Hanoi city that should not go under negligence. Foreign tourists love to explore the ‘night-scene’ or the international crossroads of the city. This place boasts of the foreign tourist crowds who love to cheer with a glass of draught beer and street snacks.

Bottom Line

While on the trip to Hanoi city, none can’t skip the highlights of the tour. Cooling experts can join a cooking class for three to four hours. For better experiences, individuals love to interact with skilled chefs ready to give introductions on dishes and eating styles.

Passionate about continuing photography? So, Long Bien Bridge is the ultimate place to travel. The rustic red of the bridge features great views for capturing photos from different angles.


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