A professional coach is trusted all over the world by various clients for their guidance and support. A person can choose a career of professional coaching by getting accredited through the ICF on any of its accredited coach training programs. The Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) is an all-inclusive coach training pathway for acquiring ICF’s Coach training accreditation. It is a complete start to finish coach training course aligned with ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

ACTP program includes a 125-hour coach training program. This expert-guided program evaluates the student performance based on assignments and course end examination.  The participants’ coaching abilities are refined with the help of various coaching models, teaching tools, such as mentor coaching and observed coaching. ACTP program helps in upgrading a professional coach’s proficiency to PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level ICF credentials.

Key factors to know about ICF’s globally accepted ACTP coach training program

  • This advanced coach training program is an all-inclusive program for earning a globally recognised International Coach Federation accreditation. Amateur coaches can become certified professionals by enrolling for and completing the requirements of this course.
  • A standardised coach training program, ACTP is a comprehensive coach training pathway to achieve ICF credentials. After going through the ACTP pathway, potential coaches can qualify for the PCC accreditation and start a career as professional coaches. 
  • ACTP is one of the most popular pathways to obtain an ICF accreditation. ICF accreditations are acknowledged worldwide. Amateur coaches or mentors can become certified coaches using the ACTP pathway
  • An Online-based program, the ACTP pathway to coach training can be pursued from any corner of the world. Participants must enrol in an authentic ICF approved coach training institute. This start to finish online coach training approach is deemed credible globally. 
  • The ICF accredited ACTP coach training pathway includes pre-determined tutored hours, timed self-study sessions, peer discussions, mentor observed classes, practice coaching sessions with live clients and examinations. It is thus a blend of theory and practice. It includes a final performance evaluation and leans heavily on peer coaching providing multiple ways of feedback. It is a comprehensive pathway that allows potential coaches to hone their skills and enables them to become proficient professionals. 
  • The mentors who provide ACTP coach training mentoring are skilled and accomplished coaches in their own right. They invest time in each of the applicants and guide them through the course. They are professionally trained to provide honest feedback to the student coaches without being biased or judgmental. The trainers themselves are ICF Credential holders, either at PCC or MCC level.
  • Clients all over the world are more likely to trust accredited coaches to help them achieve their potential and guide them through their learning.  ACTP trained ACC/PCC coaches are trusted globally. Professionally, ACTP training can provide a great start to a coaching career. Aspiring coaches learn how to communicate clearly with their clients and work towards building professional coaching skills.
  • ACTP trained coaches learn to be more in touch with themselves, allowing them to be able to work at deeper levels with their clients. Through coaching and the ACC/PCC accreditation, coaches can learn to coach clients using a formal coaching framework. Accredited Coaches can help their clients on their personal and professional journeys. They can help their clients to build on their potential and breakthrough barriers.
  • ACTP is the pathway that helps non-coaches like corporate leaders or HR professionals who informally use coaching in their daily professional lives to become competent and accredited coaches as well.  ACTP accreditation skills informal coaches to build a formal coaching structure. Their way of coaching is then transformed into one based on a coaching framework. Their coaching also takes on a more formal time frame. All sessions are timed, unbiased and non-judgemental.
  • On obtaining Accreditation, the coach then becomes a globally recognised coaching professional. Their accreditation indicates that the coach now has industry recognised skills and expertise required to practice formally as a coach. On completion of the ACTP pathway, the aspirants develop an in-depth knowledge of coaching and can connect better with their clients.
  • ACTP is powered by one-on-one mentoring sessions, mentor-peer discussions, and ICF’s library of coaching materials, healthy discussions and constructive feedback. Course graduates become professional coaches.
  • Having gone through the ACTP pathway and getting accredited, the students automatically become part of the global ICF network. This network enables coaches to stay in touch with other professional coaches as well as stay updated on new developments in their field.
  • With the completion of 125 hours of coach training along with 10 hours of mentoring coaching and at least 100 to 500 hours of live client coaching, the ACTP  is a rigorous course and well worth the time investment required.

The ACTP is the perfect pathway for anyone wanting to embark on becoming a professional coach. It enables both complete newbies as well as those coaching informally to become accredited and recognised Coaching professionals.


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