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Become a Commercial Cook by Choosing Commercial Cookery Courses in Perth

We all love mouth-watering food which fills our heart and stomach. It is said that the best way to be friends with someone is having food with them as it is the best opportunity to share your food and thoughts effortlessly. The food industry has evolved itself according to social trends, leisure, and busy lifestyle, due to which, there is an increase in restaurants, hotels and motels in almost every city in Australia. Due to the increasing number of food outlets, there is a massive demand for well trained and qualified chefs who can make win the hearts of everyone with their dishes.

It becomes imperative to understand that Commercial Cookery is different from cooking in the home kitchen. There is a different level of the skill set required for becoming a commercial chef. For becoming a commercial cook or chef, there is a requirement of honing skills which lets them working in resorts, restaurants, clubs, and hotels. Below are some differences which make commercial chefs different from home cooking.

1) Home cooking is a source of joy.

There is no professional pressure in-home cooking as it is more of a source of joy. You chat with your family members, watch your favourite shows, and there is no time condition. In simple words, home cooking is easy as there are no conditions or follow.

On the other hand, commercial cooking is tied with timing, and ideally utilising the valuable time you have. You have clients that need their food to turn out easily.

2) The utensils are extraordinary.

When you cook in your home, you have utensils which are meant for a small members i.e for the 4-5 members. In numerous commercial kitchens, there will be profound fryers and cooktops, are substantially more noteworthy and incredible than those found in the home.

3) Teamwork is essential in commercial cookery.

In the home kitchen, you’re generally the main individual at work at a time. While you may every so often have the help of a family member, generally, it’ll simply be you. In the case of commercial cookery, you’ll work with different culinary experts, dishwashers, and many more experts as such.

4) Not all plans scale-up

Most plans you cook at home serve 3-5 individuals – barely for the whole family. Now and again, you’ll be cooking for additional. A simple method to scale up is to just twofold the formula!

In some commercial kitchens, in any case, you’ll be cooking for many visitors. For instance, commercial cooks working at buffets need to cook tremendous servings, at the same time.

The above-mentioned information reveals the differences between commercial and home kitchen. To make a career as a chef who has the relevant specialisation in working in a commercial kitchen requires studying a commercial cookery course. Through studying commercial cookery course, the student gets the insight into the hospitality industry and also provide you with permanent residency options.

Commercial Cookery Courses Perth centre around showing the aptitudes and information on planning and introducing food to the best expectations, driving students to their future vocations as an expert commercial cook. Read on about the benefits of studying commercial cookery in Australia and how it can become your best choice.

1- Command in Customer Service

The hospitality industry is all about giving the best experience to your customer. Students doing the commercial cooking course get a solid understanding of communication and listening skills which leads to customer service as they can deal with everything with emotional intelligence.

2- Using Quality Ingredients

For many big giants of the hospitality industry, food purity and quality is the biggest concern where they put their best efforts. When you work with the biggest brands of restaurants and hotels, you use the best new ingredients from nearby business sectors and make extraordinary food and culinary sensations.

3- Practical Training

When you study commercial cookery from a professional Skills Institute, you get trained by experts who provide you with the industry-oriented practical training as per the culinary field. Universally experienced culinary expert coaches teach students and provide them with the opportunity to rehearse their strategy and are urged to create work of an expert norm in 5-star lodging kitchens.

4- Grooming Multitasking Skills

The hospitality scene is fast-paced and includes profoundly upsetting circumstances; labourers should have the option to think and react quickly, tackle the current issues while watching out for the whole circumstance and envisioning what may be done straight away.

5- An increasingly demanded occupation

Advantage from working in an area that is developing at a quick rate and persistently advancing. On account of an expanded interest, a moving society of foodies and populace development, the friendliness business is required to develop extensively. The business requests imagination, difficult work and individuals with a dream of where they need to go.

Can commercial cookery course help students in getting Permanent Residency?

Joining up with a cookery course can assist you with getting a permanent residency in Australia as the increasing number of demand for qualified chefs and cooks is making way for new people to get the permanent residency of Australia. Cookery is tremendous and has an incredible scope for its learners. It goes under the travel industry and administration industry and ranges out to territories like lodgings, bistros, amusement parks, cafes, and many more as such.

International students can choose among the following courses:-

  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Certificate IV in Patisserie
  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate III in Patisserie
  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality
  • Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations)


Commercial cookery is a lucrative career opportunity for the ones who are passionate about food and the process which goes around its preparation. Pursuing Cooking Courses Perth provides the individual to explore the fundamentals of the hospitality industry and how it can be a great career choice for years to come. If an individual is interested in making his/her career in Cookery Industry in Australia, take guidance from Education Consultant Perth which can be a good choice for making things simple and easy to comprehend.


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