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Becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Cloud Expert

One of the leading and fastest-growing cloud platforms in the current market is Microsoft Azure. It offers cloud services, like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Microsoft Azure has created a broad set of role-based certifications for IT professionals in multiple Azure roles. You can be ready to become a Microsoft-approved Azure cloud expert with the Complete Microsoft Azure Certifications prep bundle.

In the past few years, most companies, across the globe, have turned to the cloud infrastructure to manage all their technology requirements easily. They have replaced the physical on-site servers with the cloud-enabled systems. Another advantage of shifting to the cloud infrastructure is it saves a considerable amount of buying, regulating, and upgrading IT systems. There is no need to back up the data and no need for the file storage, as all data will be saved on the remote server. 

Microsoft Azure offers more than 200 services and products designed to generate new solutions to today’s challenges. Using this Platform, you can build, manage, and run any application across several clouds through the desired framework and tools. There are four courses offered by Microsoft Azure – Azure Architect, Azure Developer, Azure Administrator, and Azure Security. IT students and professionals can select any of these courses and take the exam to pursue the certification. 

Microsoft Azure Certifications In Detail

  1. Azure Architect

A certified azure architect has in-depth knowledge and understanding of designing solutions that can run on Azure. An azure architect translates business needs into reliable, secure, and scalable cloud solutions and advises stakeholders. For implementing various cloud solutions, azure architects work with cloud database administrators, cloud administrators, and clients. 

Candidates have to appear for the AZ-300 Azure Architect Technologies Certification Exam to pursue the Azure Architect certification. However, the AZ-300 examination is obsolete. The replacement for this examination is the AZ-303 exam. They should have in-depth knowledge about networking, security, business continuity, data management, virtualization, budgeting, disaster recovery, and governance. 

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  1. Azure Administrator

One of the highly-recommended Microsoft Azure certifications is Azure Administrator. Azure Administrators are responsible for managing cloud services that involve networking, security, storage, and computing cloud capabilities. They implement, regulate, and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions. They help organizations to implement and deploy cloud technologies in their business operations. 

Candidates desiring to pursue the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification has to appear for the AZ-103 examination. As this examination has retired on 31 August 2020, the replacement for this examination is AZ-104. Applicants must possess the proficiency in using the Azure Portal, operating systems, cloud infrastructure, networking, Command-Line Interface, PowerShell, virtualization, and storage structures. 

  1. Azure Security

Another Microsoft certification is Azure Security. Microsoft Azure provides multi-layered security over all data centres, infrastructures, and operations running in Azure. For securing and spotting from the rapidly evolving threats, organizations, today, use multi-layered and built-in threat intelligence and security controls. 

Microsoft Azure Integration and Security certification requires applicants to appear for the AZ-101 examination. Applicants must possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of every service over the IT lifecycle. They should be able to manage and handle security, networking, storage, and cloud capabilities. 

Additionally, certified Azure security candidates should know how to use Azure toolbox to manage identity profiles, maintain security vigilance, initiate security controls, and safeguard system data. 

  1. Azure Developer

One of the four Azure certifications is Azure Developer. An Azure developer is responsible for developing cloud-native applications and services. In every phase of applications’ or services’ lifecycle, azure developers play a vital role. They design solutions, develop and deploy applications, test them, and maintain them regularly. They could be administrators, cloud solution architects, and cloud database administrators to generate cloud applications and services. 

Candidates have to appear for the AZ-203 examination to become an azure developer. As this examination has retired, it is replaced with the AZ-204 examination. Candidates should possess knowledge of using Azure tools for developing services and applications. 

Some several institutes or organizations offer Azure certification training. Koenig Solutions is one of the best platforms that provide the best training to pursue any of the above four certifications. 


An Azure certified candidate has an open opportunity for getting a high-paid job in any IT industry. The Azure certification cost is different for all the certifications mentioned above.


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