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Benefits of Wedding Gown Preservation and Dry Cleaning A Wedding Gown

One of the main things that you must worry about when you are dealing with textiles is the yellowing of the fabric. Unfortunately for brides with wedding gowns, one of the most susceptible colors of yellowing are whites and different pastel colors.

Every fabric has its lifespan. This is especially true with regards to wedding dresses. Yellowing is something that generally occurs when the original fabric suffers from oxidation and chemical degradation. This can be a direct result of poor-quality control and it can even happen to the highest quality fabrics. 

Typically, white and pastel-colored fabrics will be the first to show these signs. Eventually, the fabric begins to decay, and this is a major problem with wedding dresses because the majority of them are these colors. You may find vintage wedding dresses suffering from the same problems as a result of the same chemical decomposition. 

While it may be something you think you can brush off as an ‘old wives’ tale,’ that’s unfortunately not the case. Yellowing happens to many for a variety of reasons. A lot of brides end up losing their most cherished possessions from their big wedding day because they don’t think it can happen to them. 

Yellowing can happen for a lot of different reasons including but not limited to exposure to sunlight, being in high humidity for long periods, and other factors that can contribute to speed up the degradation of the natural fibers. Even if you are forward-thinking and you carefully place your wedding gown preservation in a protected garment bag, you are still going to be at-risk for yellowing. 

This type of yellowing is usually referred to as ‘phenolic yellowing.’ This is a process that occurs when there is a specific chemical reaction between both the natural fibers in the dress and the chemicals found in the garment bag itself.

Why Should You Get A Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Service?

Millions of young women everywhere spend countless hours of their life dreaming about their perfect wedding. This can include every aspect of their dream wedding down to the floral accents and other small details. It’s only the moment of first trying on their wedding dress when it begins to feel real for a lot of brides. 

The process of finding the right wedding dress is sort of like dating in that you will be going through a lot of duds to find ‘the one.’ Because of this, the dress is typically the most precious element that brides hold dear from their wedding. 

After all, it’s what they were wearing on the biggest day of their life. By opting for professional cleaning and preservation, it can help brides keep their wedding dress looking untouched and the way it did when they first wore it.

It’s More Than Basic Dry Cleaning

Many mistake wedding dress preservation as being the same thing as dry cleaning a wedding dress. Dry cleaning doesn’t come close to offering you what wedding dress preservation does. With professional preservation, you will get a specialist who creates an optimized treatment plan for your specific dress. They will take every little detail into account when crafting the treatment plan including your dress’s material makeup, stitching, fabric details, and stains. 

All these things will help them create a tailored treatment plan to avoid harming your dress during the entire process. While some dry cleaners you will find do try to offer their version of wedding dress cleaning. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to be getting your dress preserved. Before committing to a place to trust to get your wedding dress preserved, you want to ensure you are doing adequate amounts of research. 

You want to figure out their experience and their methods to ensure your dress is in good hands. A lot of the luxury bridal boutiques like Bridal Atelier Montclair will partner with professional preservationists to offer their services directly to the brides so you can ask your boutique if they do the same.


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