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Best Hiking Excursions in the Australian Outback

Best Hiking Excursions
Best Hiking Excursions

The outback is a vast area across Australia and one that just wants to be explored; however, planning is essential if you’re to enjoy the Outback because it’s an unforgiving beast. With numerous climatic zones, many people have no idea where to start. With this in mind, get your hiking boots ready and get yourself one of the best swags designed in Australia, because these are some of the most epic hiking excursions in the Australian Outback!

Kings Canyon Rim Walk (NT)

Caught between Alice Springs and Uluru, you’ll find a slice of history that you didn’t know existed called Kings Canyon. As a sandstone chasm, the area has formed over many thousands of years as a result of wind and water erosion. Now, there’s a 270-metre drop, and it offers a breath-taking experience for all who visit.

In total, you’ll travel 6km on this particular hike. Often, people steer clear of this one because it starts with a climb of 500 steps. Don’t fear, the rest is relatively flat and the views you’ll experience on the canyon are well worth the effort.

Larapinta Trail (NT)

In case you didn’t know, there’s a famous list of Great Walks of Australia, and this is one of the seven. After starting in Alice Springs, you’ll walk through the ancient environment and end on Mt Sonder. This hike is a favourite for many because it contains rocky outcrops, flood plains, waterholes, gorges, and just about everything else.

Depending on the length of your trip, you can join and leave the trail at different points. Several sections are accessible for vehicles and you can complete as many (or as few) of the 12 sections as you desire.

Koolpin Gorge to Twin Falls (NT)

Some people want a proper hike excursion, and this is what you have with this 50km journey. If you have hiking experience, this trail is a great way to challenge yourself as you move along the unmarked trail (that’s right – you’ll need a compass and map!).

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You’ll follow Koolpin Creek and get plenty of picturesque views in what, for many, is the best part of the Kakadu National Park. You’ll see exotic flora and fauna and the creek actually provides opportunities to swim during your relaxed time. If you use a touring company, be sure to explore the campsites because many will have Aboriginal rock art sites.

Carnavon Gorge (QLD)

Moving into Queensland for the first time, this is another excursion because it takes eight days in total. This is one of the best excursions if you want to leave your stress-led life behind and become one with nature once again. You’ll move through sandstone gorges, rainforests, mountainsides, and other locations that wouldn’t be out of place on a desktop wallpaper.

Some highlights include the panoramic views from the Bunya Mountains (including waterfalls), ancient caves in Cania Gorge, and more.

Kimberley Walking Tour (WA)

You’ve seen suggestions for day hikes, excursions, and now here’s one for those who want to bring their 4WD and discover the best that the Outback has to offer. As well as natural beauty, this area has history and stories to tell for those willing to listen. There will be challenges – including the heat and tricky walking trails – but you’ll also enjoy the Cockburn Ranges, Bell Gorge, Emma Gorge, Manning Gorge, Zebedee Hot Springs, Bungle Bungle Ranges, and lots of swimming holes.

Make sure you bring the camera for this one because this is a tour that Australians dream of seeing – the natural wonders, the historic landscapes, and the beautiful environments. You’ll see more of Australia on the Kimberley Walking Tour, and others on this list, than many get to see in a lifetime.


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