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Best Instagram Widget for WordPress Website

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You must be thinking that how adding Instagram feeds on your WordPress website will be beneficial for your brand? Or Why is best Instagram widget Important for digital marketing of your brand?

This article will definitely give answers to all of your questions. Social media channels like Instagram give you the platform to share images, videos, or testaments of your current followers or users to maximize your brand awareness and fan following. Instagram has almost 300 million active users daily.

Want to add the Instagram feeds of your brand’s page on your official website? If yes, then you would need an Instagram widget, to add your Instagram feeds on the website. This article will walk you through the importance of displaying Instagram feeds on the WordPress website and the 5 best Instagram widget plugins which you can use!

Importance of Displaying Instagram feeds on your WordPress Website

If you are still confused about whether you should go ahead and add your Instagram feeds to your WordPress website or not. Then my friend, follow the way, read this post, and you will realize the importance.

Who does not love filters? Or Who does not love clicking pictures? Yes, everyone does! People use Instagram to share their photos or videos because the application is easy to use. The amazing filters, simplicity of the application, and the user-friendly interface of Instagram make it a preferred choice. Let’s see how displaying your Instagram feeds on a website, is beneficial for your brand or business:

  1. Adds vibrancy to the website: Photos or videos are colorful, and when you add them to your official website, it adds a splash of colors to your WordPress website with more user-generated content.
  • More liquidity for user-generated content: When you share the expression of a customer, then it motivates other customers as well to share their happiness or experience with your brand to get highlighted or to be in the spotlight. As the customers also get some extra followers for their social media account.
  • You can communicate well with your audience: If you are the one who works on your WordPress website more than on social media platforms. Then, it is a must for you! You will be able to reply to your users from the website directly, you need not change the platforms.
  • Enhanced user engagement: When you add Instagram feeds on your website, the visitor will stay for a longer period of time. Increased session time will also reduce your visitor’s bounce rate.
  • The increased fan following: There is a possibility that your regular customers or the visitors are not even aware of your social media pages. Or your website audience is totally different from your social media page audience. Once they recognize, they will definitely follow you on Instagram and this will help you increase your fan following on Instagram.

Best Instagram Widget Plugins!

Your brand must have a social media page and your fans or customers must be sharing their photos or videos as a testimonial or as an expression of happiness. So why not share them on your website? Fortunately, Instagram widgets have made it possible to add Instagram feeds directly on your website. So, I have prepared the list of 3 best Instagram widgets for WordPress website. Take a look and then decide which suits you best!

  1. Taggbox Instagram Widget Plugin: Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool, and recently Taggbox has popularized its Instagram widget plugin. It is one of the best plugins available in the market. Taggbox Instagram widget plugin has gained its popularity because of its easy-to-use interface and incredible features. Using the Taggbox Instagram widget wordpress plugin is smooth to use and is available to use just after installing it.

Taggbox Instagram Widget will help you in compiling, personalizing, and modifying your Instagram feeds so that you showcase qualitative content on your website. The amazing moderation feature of this widget will also help you in eliminating any offensive or inappropriate content from the widget. Taggbox Instagram Widget Plugin is available in both free and paid versions.

  • InstaLink: It’s paid version is available in the market to use. This Instagram widget for the WordPress plugin has gained acceptance these days. InstaLink plugin can help you in displaying numerous beautiful pictures on the website, also you can select the posts which you want to add to your widget through hashtags or username. You can also customize the background of the image, size of the image, and the theme of the widget which will be displayed.
  • Instagram Feed: Instagram feed plugin has gained popularity because of its mobile-friendly usage. The response time of the plugin is quick and you can beautify your Instagram feeds on your website by adding numerous pictures, as it gives you the option of load more button as well. There are different modes available in the premium version of the plugin for displaying Instagram feeds. You can also use pop-up gallery mode, in which the content of the image is displayed in the form of a pop-up.

Wrapping It Up!

Amazed how colorful your website could become by just adding a plugin to your WordPress codes? Enjoy reading this post! Then you must have realized the importance of adding Instagram feeds on your WordPress website. It becomes easier when you choose the right plugin for your website. Taggbox Instagram Widget Plugin is one of the most efficient plugins which you can use, it’s highly responsive, and the exposure to the features at even free version has made it a preferred choice.

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