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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

There are some points where digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing methods are similar. Both increase brand awareness and help businesses find more customers online. Digital marketing has number of channels covering every aspect of online promotion, from content creation to delivery and sales. 

Differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing uses methods, such as business cards, notices, announcements, notices, business promotions on TV and radio, promotion of an advertisement or products in daily newspapers and magazines, etc. Things are different in digital marketing. In parallel with the development of technology, you may encounter more and more methods in the digital marketing world.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has very important advantages. Within the scope of the importance of digital marketing, we have listed its advantages:

Low cost

When you want to promote within the scope of traditional marketing, you have to allocate large budgets for all alternatives, such as TV advertisements, billboards and newspaper advertisements. However, in digital marketing channels, it is possible to reach larger audiences with much more affordable budgets. Considering that the number of internet and social media users is increasing day by day, and how low-budget internet ads offer campaign opportunities, you can gain a serious cost advantage.

People use various types of marketing techniques that cost way too much to them. In order to enhance your content marketing strategy, you can also create Wikipedia page to gain even more online traffic to your site. This method doesn’t cost too much and allow you to get acknowledged with a few days. 

Easily measurable result

In traditional marketing, it takes weeks, or sometimes months, to see an improvement in business. When we start using online marketing, there is no need to wait that long for positive results.

The results of traditional marketing technique cannot be easily measured. On the other hand in digital marketing, it is easy to determine the return on investment using Google Analytics tools. Traditional marketing includes print media, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, newsletters, brochures and other printed materials.

  • Media publishing
  • Direct mail
  • Validated techniques for a higher success rate
  • Long-standing projects already known to the public
  • Analytics to measure results

Digital marketing includes marketing efforts similar to electronic devices.

  • Web sites
  • Social networks
  • Content marketing
  • Banner ads
  • Google ads
  • Online video marketing.
  • Cost effective strategies for marketing

Easy Analysis

You can easily analyze while calculating your opportunities in digital marketing. You can make differences in your strategy according to the analysis results. You can easily track the movements of variables, such as basic trend, incoming traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate through Google Analytics and you can navigate according to the data you receive.


The more difficult traditional marketing techniques are to follow, the easier it is to follow digital marketing analysis. It is possible to monitor your online work instantly thanks to reporting tools in digital marketing methods.

Information and results of digital marketing techniques can be easily recorded. You can find out whether the work done is working or not by using Google Analytics without a very strict work control. If not, you can take the best measures for better marketing and develop social media strategies accordingly.

Wrapping up

Companies are now realizing that it is necessary to use digital marketing methods to reach larger audiences. If you use your budget correctly and determine a quality strategy, your chances of not being successful in the digital world are quite low. Even small businesses continue their attempts to achieve greater success by directing their sales or services to online environments with their research in line with the importance of digital marketing.


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