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Here’s How You Can Do Guest Posting The Right Way

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the most effective way of getting backlinks and growing your audience for ranking on top of SERPs. Doing it the right way also helps you build credibility in your target audience.

Although Guest posting is one of the pillars of Link Building, it becomes difficult for busy entrepreneurs who don’t have time. You can easily hire a cheap guest posting service, but if you want to learn the process to do it yourself – this article explains how to do it!

1.      Find The Right Bloggers

Bloggers have proven their importance in the Digital Marketing landscape. From the Fashion industry to every other industry you can think of, bloggers shape the trends. Therefore, it is pertinent that you find the right bloggers so you can work with them.

Your goal is to find the Bloggers who influence your target audience – even better if they are considered Thought Leaders in the industry. Here is how you can find influential Bloggers without making any mistakes:

You don’t have to invest in different apps if you are new to influencer marketing. Most of the time, you can make your way with only a Web Search. For example, if you are looking for Bloggers in the Fashion industry, search “Top Fashion Bloggers (Country name),” and you will have a range of bloggers to work with.

ii.                  Work With Tools

The method mentioned above is not “Fancy,” meaning that you have to spend more time searching for bloggers. Common tools that Digital Marketers use to find bloggers are Followerwonk and Moz.

iii.                Use Blogging Directories

Another way to find influential bloggers in your target industry is to use Blogging Directories. Directories like Buzzsumo, AllTop, and Buzzstream make it even easier to find, sort, and identify the bloggers who will be more effective for your influencer marketing campaign.

2.      Understand The Blogger Mindset

Like creating a buyer persona of your target customers, you have to understand what goes inside bloggers’ minds to work with them the right way. Bloggers have some goals that you can help them achieve and get traffic and recognition in return.

Most influential bloggers have made a name for themselves in the industry after spending years creating quality content. Even after becoming successful, sharing valuable content is still hardwired in their brains.

So think about ways you can add value to the blog you’re writing for. This way, when you reach out to the editors of the blog and pitch your content, they’ll be more than happy to let you write on their blog.

3.      Specific Research

Another thing that can help get approved for guest posts is to do specific research about your target blogs. Doing the research enables you to find out what topics to pitch and how to craft your content.

Follow these steps for doing Specific Research about a blog:

  • Check the most recent guest posts on a blog.
  • Identify the top topics on a blog.
  • Find their unique content style.

4.      Give A Freebie

Bloggers, like normal humans, love receiving freebies. Instead of sending them a gift or inviting them for dinner, you can give them something they will love – infographics. Infographics are considered gold in the digital marketing landscape. They allow the blogs to show their dominance and experience in their target industry.

If you contact the editors of your target blog and tell them that you can give them

  1. Content relevant to their blog.
  2. An infographic to fit nicely with the content.

You can be rest assured that they will readily allow you to guest post on their blog.

5.      Give Them Some Space

The worst thing to do while following any marketing strategy is becoming selfish. After reading all about Guest posting and its importance, you might think that you have to “close the deal” every time you send an outreach email to a blogger.

Remember that bloggers receive a TON of guest posting requests regularly. It is their instinct to reject a person who is all for backlinks and doesn’t want to add value to their value. Instead of coming across as a needy and self-centered internet marketer hungry for guest posts, send them a “no strings attached” offer that they can’t resist.

6.      Writing Quality Content

Producing high-quality content is the key to getting your guest post published on the top blogs. Unless you are willing to spend some time writing and perfecting your blog, your content will never be published on any influential blog.

Writing content is a nightmare for some internet marketers. Gathering facts, attaching infographics, citing the sources, and packaging the content, so it engages the audience – all of this seems way too difficult to busy entrepreneurs. But if you are willing to spend some time, you can develop engaging content and build a writing muscle that will help you overcome your fear of publishing a guest post.

Follow these steps every time you sit for writing a guest post:

  • Analyze the most-read posts of your target blog.
  • Identify the favorite topics of their audience.
  • Find out their content formatting strategy.
  • Come up with the missing content ideas.
  • Pinpoint your focus on a single topic.
  • Get ready for the proper research.
  • Keep the sentences concise.
  • Engage your readers.
  • Edit properly.

7.      Don’t Forget About SEO

What is the point of publishing guest posts? You are going through all this effort to earn backlinks for doing the SEO of your website. However, it is easy to forget about optimizing your guest posts for SEO.

Optimizing your guest posts will not only make bloggers say “yes” to your content, but it can also help you build an audience and stay one stay ahead of your competitors.

Here are some SEO tips that you should apply when you write your next guest post:

  • Focus your target around the primary keyword.
  • If possible, include secondary keywords.
  • Avoid stuffing the keywords at all costs.
  • Add visuals to your guest post.
  • Format your content for SEO.
  • Add links to your posts.

8.      Email: The Last Step

Your guest post pitch is the final step you have to take to get your guest posts published on top blogs. Doing badly in this step can waste all your efforts. Here’s how to do it the right way:

  • Avoid exactly copying the outreach email template.
  • Tell them how you can add value to their blog.
  • Show that you have read their content.
  • Include a proper PS in your email.


If you follow all the guidelines given above, you can easily enhance your Guest Posting game and achieve ideal results. Put what you have learned to test and keep increasing your knowledge about the world of guest posting. Happy marketing! 


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