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How to pay the security deposits on the car rentals

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Do you have any questions about how to pay the security deposit on car rentals? See how using your credit card for car rental, deposit and other topics you need to know before renting!

One of the most common questions of those who are renting a vehicle, especially for those who are going to rent for the first time, is about how the security deposit lock works  on the renter’s credit card. But, after all, what is the guarantee and why do the rental companies demand it? Check out how these issues work when you rent a car

How does the deposit amount work? Clarify all your doubts!

What is the security deposit on car rentals?

The security deposit is nothing more than a value determined by the rental company for your own safety. It is retained on your credit card during the rental period and returned after delivery of the car. The amount is not debited from the invoice, that is, it is not charged to the tenant, only blocked.

The origin of the word guarantee comes from the Latin, of precaution, that is, the guarantee is nothing more than a guarantee, a precaution, in case there is any damage to the rental car. Stay tuned: some rental companies also call the pre-authorization deposit guarantee.

How does the car rental guarantee work?

The rental company, at the time of the car pick-up, retains an amount on your credit card as a guarantee. After the return and inspection of the $99 chevy cruze car lease no money down, the rental company asks the administrator of your card to unlock this amount.

What is the value of the security deposit?

The amount to be blocked on your credit card varies according to the category of the rental car, the rental company, the number of nights and the location in which you are renting.

What is the deadline for unlocking the security deposit?

The deadline for unlocking may vary depending on the credit card company. Car rental companies usually ask for the unlock right after the car is returned and then it is the responsibility of the card operator to make the amount available again at its limit.

What do I do if I don’t have a credit card for the deposit?

If you plan to rent a car in Brazil, USA and Canada there is an alternative. If you do not have a credit card in your name or sufficient credit limit for the deposit of the car you wish to rent, some rental companies allow you to appoint a financial officer, who will be responsible for the deposit and signing the rental agreement, and must be present at the time of vehicle removal.

In this case, the financial responsible would be the lessee of the reservation and whoever is actually driving the car may present himself as an additional driver, for an extra fee in the daily rate, which varies according to the rental company.

Attention! Only some national rental companies allow the procedure. Check if the chosen rental company accepts the financial responsible. Overseas, rental companies require the tenant to fulfil all rental requirements, without exception. Stay tuned!

Is it possible to rent without a credit card or without the security deposit?

Unfortunately not. The credit card is essential to make this operation and collect the car, regardless of the payment method you chose when making your reservation.

Car rental companies also do not allow you to make a deposit on debit cards, cash or checks. In addition, the credit card must be nominal and have an expiration date, which means that prepaid cards, widely used by those traveling abroad, cannot be used either, because there is no way for the rental company to reverse the security deposit at the end of the reservation.

Stay tuned so that you do not have problems in your moment of rest and leisure!

How do I find payment and deposit information when booking my car rental?

Payment and deposit information is available on our website and it’s easy to find it!

After searching for the desired reservation, choose the vehicle and rental category. Then, just check the details of the reservation, where will be the information on security deposit. After this step, just fill in your details and finalize the reservation.

When making a reservation, you can choose the following payment methods :  Visa, Master, Diners Club, Shopline  or  bank slip  (with 5% discount). In addition, payment can be made directly at the rental desk, just select a car with the option “payment at destination”.

Finally, you will receive your booking confirmation and voucher code in your registration email on the website . And everything is ready! After that, just go to the chosen store, pick up the desired car and enjoy the experience of renting a car, always choosing the best option among the more than 100 rental companies in Brazil and abroad.

On the same page where you are filling in your registration details, you will find information regarding payment facilities, such as accepted card flags, maximum number of instalments and minimum amount of installments, in addition to detailed information on the amount required for the security deposit.

Remember that each rental company has its own rules regarding rates and payment methods, so stay tuned!


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