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How To Share Location In Whatsapp in 2022 ?

How To Share Location In Whatsapp

As a parent, you may feel to know whereabouts and to keep tabs on your child’s location at all times. Or, if you’ve just moved to town with a new friend who is prone to get lost, knowing you can always find them is comforting. The above are only two good reasons on how to share Location in WhatsApp with the public. We’ll examine the transmitting your current position and monitor it in real-time using the WhatsApp mobile app.

The WhatsApp Live Location feature allows another user in a one-on-one or group conversation to see a user’s location. With recent privacy worries surrounding WhatsApp and broader concerns about how applications utilize personal information, it’s essential to understand how WhatsApp’s Live Location feature works, the data it gathers, and how long location information is shared with others when it’s activated. Also yo know how to share location on whatsapp from google maps and track details.

How to share location on whatsapp android

  • Touch the Location icon first to share your Location with WhatsApp on Android.
  • You may now instantly display your current Location on a map if you’ve enabled GPS in your privacy settings. Tap Send your current Location to a WhatsApp contact by communicating your current Location.
  • Alternatively, you may grant your WhatsApp contact access to follow your whereabouts in real time for a certain period of time, such as 15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours. Choose one, and the map will automatically update as you go.

How To Share Location In Whatsapp with others (iPhone)?

  • The iOS method is identical, but the path to the map is slightly different.
  • To communicate your current Location to a WhatsApp contact, hit the Plus symbol to the left of the message box on the iPhone.
  • This brings up a menu. Choose a location.
  • Your screen will now display a map. If you enable GPS in your privacy settings, it will automatically show your Location on the map, along with a list of nearby businesses and other points of interest. If your privacy settings prevent you from doing so, you must enter the address manually. To communicate your current Location to a contact, tap Transmit Your Current Location.
  • The map will now display in the WhatsApp chat message of your Contact.

Is Sharing Your Live Location On Whatsapp Safe?

The WhatsApp Live Location Feature is a temporary feature that enables you to share your real-time Location with others for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours.

WhatsApp will no longer disclose your Live Location when the selected time period has passed. Additionally, you may manually revoke your Contact’s access to your Live Location at any moment.

According to WhatsApp, its Live Location sharing function is protected by end-to-end encryption and restricts access to your Location to those with whom you share it.

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Enabling Real-Time Location and Time

While in a one-on-one or group conversation, the user may use the function by tapping the “Attach” button and then “Share Live Location.” At that moment, the user will get a pop-up window telling them that other participants in the conversation will view their real-time position.

how to share location on whatsapp status

Users may then choose between 15 minutes, one hour, and eight hours for the duration of this information’s availability. After the period specified expires, sharing Live Location information with others will cease automatically. Additionally, users may manually pause the sharing by entering the same conversation, pressing on “Stop Sharing,” and then hitting “Stop Sharing” again.

Before users utilize Live Location, they must ensure that location permissions are enabled for WhatsApp in their phone settings. On an iPhone, users need to visit Settings, scroll down to WhatsApp, tap on Location, and then choose “Always.” On Android, users must choose “Apps & Notifications,” select “App Permissions,” and then press “Location” to enable the WhatsApp permission.

In Comparison To Google Maps And Imessage’s Real-Time Location Sharing

  • WhatsApp Live Location Sharing is akin to Google Maps and Apple’s iMessage’s real-time LocationLocation sharing features.
  • Apple’s iMessage enables users to broadcast their Live Location through Apple Maps for an hour, till the end of the day, or forever. Similarly, Google Maps’ Live Location Sharing function enables users to temporarily or permanently share their Live Location.
  • However, Google Maps shares your position through links, which may raise privacy concerns if the connection to your real-time Location is shared further without your knowledge.
  • As discussed before, WhatsApp’s Live Location function is protected by end-to-end encryption and restricts access to your real-time Location to your Contacts.

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Facebook Messenger Allows For Real-Time Location Sharing

  • To share your Location using Facebook Messenger, start a chat, hit the plus symbol, and select the Location icon from the drop-down menu. A map will appear; press “Begin Sharing Live Location” to share your Location for 60 minutes with a buddy or group.
  • Additionally, you may stop the sharing at any moment by touching on “Stop Sharing.”

Google Maps Allows For Real-Time Location Sharing

  • To share your position in Google Maps, launch the app and touch on the blue location dot. Tap “Share your location,” and then choose how and for how long you wish to share it.
  • Google Maps seems to provide you the most excellent choice throughout your location sharing, allowing you to choose between 15-minute intervals up to an hour and hour-long increments after that. Additionally, you may opt to continue sharing your Location until you explicitly disable the feature—the choice is yours!
  • While sharing your Location, you are not bound to any one app. You may share through Google Maps or email with anybody in your Google or device contacts by selecting Select People. Additionally, you may use another messaging service to transmit a link to your Location (tap either the app icon or More for additional options).
  • Conclusion

As complicated as it may sound, through this guide on “how to share location in Whatsapp ,” you can easily share your Whatsapp location, irrespective of whether it is Android or iPhone. These are the two ways for sharing your Live Location on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone, as well as how to share your current location. The UI is straightforward and intuitive for the majority of people.


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