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How To Use More Efficiently Trackball Mouse?

How To Use More Efficiently Trackball Mouse?

The trackball mouse is an interesting and unique type of device that lets you use the ball instead to click on your computer’s screen. It has been around for a while, but many people are still confused about how it works! In this article I will explain everything with the help of Click Test, so read carefully before deciding if these pointers make sense in relation with what you’re trying do:

In the world of gaming mouse, this is an eye-catching invention

A newbie in the family of stationary mice, trackball is something that every gamer out their dreams to own. If you are into PC accessories -I bet- already have made up your mind on purchasing for mouse collection, haven’t you?

A Trackball depends entirely from hand movement rather than pushing physical surface so it gives us noticeable difference when shifting between traditional ones like our regular old ball shaped pointers we’re all used too or laser gaming devices which can be expensive as they require more batteries and their range isn’t always reliable either since some surfaces won’t allow proper contact due accidental interference especially wood desks with limited space underneath them where gamers might hide if they knew what was coming next time around!

Trackballs are a bit more complicated than traditional mice, but they also have their benefits. Reports from people who use these types of devices show that there is an easier way to do things with trackball mouses!

If you’re interested in trying out one for yourself then read on below as I’ll give some guidelines about how best to utilize this innovative design so it’s not just another novelty item or irrelevant tool within your life…

Desk Placement

You must constantly locate the ideal location. You’re not going to move your mouse too much, so there’s plenty of space for everything else! It’s important that when placing a trackball on any surface it be placed at an appropriate distance away and cleaned underneath regularly or dirt could get stuck under there which will affect its performance significantly over time (and also make things really uncomfortable).

Tilt Angle

To find the best angle for your hand, you should first adjust it so that it is comfortable and convenient. You can either place all 10 fingers on top of each other or bring them from a straight-forward position near to where they would naturally rest if holding an object such as a golf club between their thumb and forefinger (which properly resembles how someone might hold onto something using only one finger). The ball at this stage has been shifted counterclockwise until coming into contact with palm; once again moving clock.

Trackball Settings

Trackballs can be a great way to work with computers, but some are more difficult than others. Software and drivers make the experience even better!

For quick access during your daily computing routine (or when you just want something different), try installing trackball settings on an alternative device like one from Microsoft or Logitech that offers good performance for gaming as well in addition its other features such as comfortability  With this type of mouse there’s no need install anything else because all necessary software will come installed already which also includes any driver if needed; making them easy enough for anyone regardless their skill level when using these types of devices.

Trackball Speed

Trackballs and trackball mice come with different speeds check here Click Speed Test. You cannot particularly set a mouse to one specific speed, but you should adjust the DPI settings on your PC when using this type of device so it is running smoothly for yourself.

Mouse Acceleration

Mouse accuracy is easier to achieve when you turn on mouse acceleration from your operating system. Acceleration isn’t very popular in traditional mice, but it’s a big thing for trackballs like the ones found at Best Buy! Turning this feature on will make all those little details click together seamlessly – so give yourself an advantage by turning it On Now!


If you’ve been using a standard mouse for years, it may be time to switch over to the trackball. The design of this type of mouse allows your arm and wrist less movement that can lead to painful tension in those areas as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. To find out if a trackball would work better for you, give our CPS Test a try! It takes just five minutes and will show how much more efficient this style of mouse is- even on difficult tasks like dragging or scrolling quickly.


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