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Marvels of Machine Learning that are Shaping Modern Life

Marvels of machine learning

Imagine a morning drive to work in an automated car, Imagine the car parking itself in the tight parking space without breaking a sweat! Maybe, that day is not too far away given the dynamics of developments in machine learning. You already know how crucial data science is to the development and sustenance of machine learning. If you are looking for inspiration prior to choosing a data science course in Gurgaon, look no further than your already heavily tech-dependent lifestyle.  

Historically, humanity has been leaning towards a lazier life, inventing something new all the time for reduction of work. Unique hardware for unique tasks needs a certain amount of physical and neural effort, which is the next kind of work targeted for elimination from daily life. This article will shed some light on a few ventures that depended heavily on machine learning, making life easier around the world.

Maps by Google

Google maps are the most used navigation tool around the world. In an astonishing feat, the system not only provides the fastest route but also the traffic information with almost accurate temporal details. Google’s Organizational capabilities are surely commendable but the catch remains in, how google does it right almost all the time! 

User data in the form of location provides Google with the capabilities to analyse someone’s average speed on a stretch of road, driving pattern and eventually conclude traffic patterns as well. More the number of users, more the amount of information, better the accuracy. The method is sustainable and in the long run poised to become more and more efficient. Thanks to its existence, planning a trip, navigating through unknown terrain and reaching the destination in time has never been easier,

Moley, the automated kitchen

World’s first-ever robotic kitchen is something very important for this discussion. Food is absolutely necessary for survival. And Moley is allowing you now to order any dish made by any chef from your own kitchen. The company is offering options of personalizations in configurations of the kitchen as per individual needs. A set of robotic arms instructed by a smartphone interface, able to mimic the hand movements of a master chef. Wonders can happen in that kitchen without little or no human effort. Moley can also become a revolutionary tool for the food industry as well, rendering cooks and kitchen staff jobless, relieving humanity of all the culinary responsibilities. 

Deepface by Facebook

Facial recognition is a leading tool for smartphone security these days. Over time, the system has become reliable, valid and accurate in terms of analysing 2 and 3-dimensional data. The necessity of human guidance towards the perfection of the system is however not eliminated in the case of smartphones. A shortcoming well addressed by Facebook in its facial recognition system called the Deepface.

As the name suggests, the system utilizes deep learning in order to constantly evolve and become more and more accurate every time. It can successfully identify people in a picture and present the user with an option to tag that person, correct if the identification is wrong, and help Facebook recognise an individual in a picture. The amazing potential of this system can ease up quite a lot of hassle in case of individual unique identifications. 

Tesla and Neuralink 

Can man and machine unite? Neuralink is working diligently to make it happen. Presently they are looking for ways to use neural implants for controlling certain devices remotely just by thinking. The news has it, success in case of rat brain implants invigorated the team to start experimenting with humans. Neuralink’s cousin in the automobile industry, Tesla declared the potential arrival of smart cars with unsupervised learning capabilities. Cars, ready to implement their driving knowledge in order to provide a better and safer driving experience. Maybe after Neuralink joins in, Physical effort will become redundant in case of driving. 

UBER and its logistic supremacy

Logistics remains one of the most important features of life in 2020. Travelling privately or sharing the ride with a friend to work was not this easy before the arrival of smartphone-based logistic services. UBER is the widest and most popular of the lot, used by 78 million people every month. The system is capable of assigning cabs to interested passengers according to their travel history. The system can also predict the fastest route and make the ride even more punctual. A parallel venture of Uber is Uber eats a food delivery service provided by the same system and application. Two parallel services provided by Uber creates an opportunity for data sharing and a rapid evolution towards better service quality. 


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