Home stock market IPO's Mrs. Bectors IPO Allotment Status Click here to check

Mrs. Bectors IPO Allotment Status Click here to check

Mrs. bectors ipo allotment status
Mrs. bectors Ipo allotment status

Mrs. Bectors IPO Allotment Status will be available to our users from December 22nd 2020. However, The basis of allotment of equity shares will be finalised on 22nd but the allotment status will be available on 22nd to 23rd dec 2020.

Mrs. bectors iPO got record subscribtion on day 3 off the bidding process. Where Qualifed institutions(QIB’S) Subscribed 176.7 times, High net worth individual(HNI’S) Record Subscribtion of around 620.8 Times. However, The retail investors are disappointed because even if they are subscribing for the issue they aren’t given the allotment in the past Ipo’s.

However, The retail quota got 29.33 times susbcribed, Now the basis or chance of allotment of shares of Mrs. Bectors ipo seems easy for retail investors. To check the allotment status of Mrs. Bectors ipo Follow the steps given below.

Mrs. Bectors IPO allotment status Check :

One can check the allotment Status of Mrs. Bectors IPO by two ways :

  • The Registrar of Mrs. Bectors IPO Linkintime by visiting there site.
  • Offiial site of BSE IPO Allotment status check page by following steps.

Mrs. Bectors IPO Allotment in Linkintime :

To check Status in Linkintime Follow the given Steps :

  1. Click the given link here to visit or Redirect to Linkintime Website.
  2. Choose Mrs. Bectors food IPO option in the given tap.
  3. After choosing Mrs. bectors ipo tap, Enter your pan card or Application Number.
  4. Click on Enter here too see the allotment status.
  5. If you got allotment of Mrs. bectors ipo you will get the number of shares allotted.
Bectors ipo allotment status

Mrs. Bectors ipo allotment status via youtube vedio :

Mrs. Bectors ipo allotment procedure and steps is clearly explained in this vedio tutorial. Watch the complete vedio too check your allotment status.

Mrs. Bectors Food IPO Allotment status in BSE Website :

Follow this steps to check allotment status in Bse Website :

  1. Click here to visit Bse website.
  2. Choose Mrs. bectors ipo tap.
  3. Enter your pan card and application Number.
  4. Click on enter tap.
  5. If you got allotment the shares will be credited your demat account on 24th dec.
Mrs. Bectors allotment status

Mrs. Bectors IPO Subscribtion Day wise :

Dec 15, 2020 17:000.02x1.37x6.83x9.46x3.72x
Dec 16, 2020 17:004.67x8.67x16.36x30.45x11.40x
Dec 17, 2020 17:00176.85x620.86x29.33x45.46x198.02x

Mrs. Bectors Grey market Premium (GMP) :

Mrs. Bectors IPO Grey market Premium rises heavly after bumper susbcribtion. In the grey market the shares were trading at Rs. 240-250 on 18th Dec 2020. Mr. Nawaz Analyst in the grey market told Syedlearns team that the demand for Mrs. Bectors food ipo shares is increasinf everyday. And Invetors can expect Double lisitng gains of the day of listing in Nse, Bse.

Mrs. Bectors IPO Company Overview:

Today we are going to talk about Mrs. Bector’s CREMICA IPO. There is always a reason or story behind the.. beginning of every company. Same happened with this company too. Mrs. Rajni Bector started an enterprise in 1978, unveiling her love for baking by whipping up remarkable ice creams, breads and biscuits. Cremica began its journey on the foundation of quality, freshness and taste. This small enterprise in due course of time has become a huge conglomerate. And thus Mrs. Bector’s food compnay was established. Cremica began its journey on the foundation of quality, freshness and taste is a well known brand.

Let’s take a look at the other important details of this company The company’s product portfolio mainly consists of two categories of products. Bakery segment includes bread, buns, pizza bases, cake etc. Bakery segment has a total of 96 products. Cookies, Creams, Crakers, Digestive etc. are part of biscuit portfolio. It has a total of 384 items. All of its products are manufactured in-house, across 6 manufacturing units in 5 different cities. Mrs. bectors ipo allotment status is available check here.

The company holds a strong position in North India. It sells its products to 23 states in India and also exports its product under its own brand name. To analyze the growth of any company, it is very important to know how much demand is there for the products of the company. Let’s see a chart that reflects the market size of biscuit segment in India and how can its growth be improve or sustained in near future? Nestle India, Britanina Industires, Pratap Snacks are the peer competitors .Mrs. bectors ipo allotment status is available check here. Apart from general corporate purposes, company will utilized the funds to finance the cost of Rajpura Extension project.

The lot amount will freeze in your bank account. If your application will be approved then the money will be deducted from your bank account. and shares will be transferred to your demat account.

Conclusion :

Mrs. Bectors Ipo Allotment status check online is explained in a detail way so it can help our users to check whether the shares are allotted to them and hence they can get listing gains.



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