Home Digital marketing Optimizing your YouTube channel by leveraging SEO Factors

Optimizing your YouTube channel by leveraging SEO Factors

Optimizing your YouTube channel by leveraging SEO Factors

Anyone who is associated with digital marketing will understand the importance of SEO.  When one looks at the bigger picture, they will realize how this tool helps companies to achieve better online marketing results with the help of search engines.

Content owners put in a lot of effort to optimize their videos on the YouTube channel to remain on top of Google search results. The problem is that they miss out on a lot of the most basic strategies which would have otherwise been taken care of by Digital marketing experts.

There are a few things that one must focus on to help their YouTube channel get the recognition you want including paying a nominal fee to the digital service providers to buy YouTube watch time in the initial stages.

According to a survey by Briggsby, the most important factors which affect ranking on YouTube are

  • YouTube Watch time.
  • The Channel’s authority.
  • Positive vibes of the content and audience engagement.
  • Overall keywords matching targeting across title, description, and tags.

The Content

how to rank youtube videos post banner

When it comes to business websites, designing and formats are as important as content. But for a YouTube channel, the content is the soul. And if the content is rich then, people are bound to come to you. Compromising with quality has never given good returns.

Understanding the benefits of having good quality content:

 ●     Videos with captivating content attract audiences organically. And if the product or business transcends local borders, then the size and reach of the audience are unlimited.

●     Engaging with the audience helps in building relationships. If more and more people consume the contents which are uploaded by a channel, then it means the viewers have a strong connection with the brand and there are more chances of them subscribing to the channel, sharing the video with others and making it viral.

Tags and URL

URL is not just the address of a YouTube channel or a website.  Your URL doesn’t only define your address but it keeps your YouTube channel’s meta information within it. Similarly, tags don’t only contain merely data but they are the things that come into highlight when you search your page over Google.

Whenever a result is thrown up on a search engine various links show up where the tags are also there in the highlights of the search results. This allows the webmaster to play with words and keep their tags as relevant as possible to the audience.

The division in URL information also disseminates plenty of information about the YouTube channel during the search results. Suppose a subsection in a YouTube channel shows some relevant piece of information during a search result. If the URL of the search contains the breakdown of the subsection of the channel, then Google algorithms end up preferring it over the other sites as it has its content in an organized way.


Managing SEO operations is a specialized task and left best to the experts to handle. They offer various marketing services including the option to buy YouTube promotion that would give the desired visibility to a relatively new channel.


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