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Scope of Hotel Management in Delhi

Hotel Management in Delhi

What is the scope of hotel management in Delhi? The scope of Hotel Management in Delhi includes the provision of guest accommodation. This encompasses the operation of hotels, hostels, lodges and other forms of lodging for people who intend to visit Delhi. Some of these hotels provide the facility of parking for guests.

Generally there are many categories of hotels in Delhi. These include five star, deluxe, economy, heritage and special purpose. Most of these hotels offer a wide range of services apart from the basic hotel services such as room service, cleaning, laundry etc. The services offered by these hotels are usually top notch.

Majority of these hotels have been operating for more than half a century. They are reputed for providing excellent services and hospitality at affordable prices. Some of these hotels have been running for so many decades because they were established back in the 1920s. These are some of the oldest hotels in the city. The scope of Hospitality in this industry is much wider than one may imagine.

When people talk about Hospitality in Delhi, they talk about the service and warmth of the staff at these hotels. It is very important for a hotel to be hospitable as well as professional. The first step in Hospitality is to treat the guest with warmth and respect. This starts right from the reception where the personal services of the hotel manager should be impeccable. Hotel receptionists should not only be friendly and smile but also have a good English which can communicate the wishes of the guest in an effective manner. Such quality of service ensures that people come back again to enjoy their stay at the hotel.

These services extend to the rooms as well. The decoration of the rooms should be as immaculate as possible. The furniture used in the rooms should be of excellent quality with all the trimmings and the latest in modern technology. These are some of the services offered by the hotel management.

The next aspect of Hospitality is courtesy. At the hotel, the guest is treated courteously even at times when they are not feeling well. The hotel should have a check on the level of service provided to the guest at different points of time. They should be polite at every stage of the guest stay. Even when there is a problem, the guest should be helped rather than being embarrassed.

The next aspect of Hospitality is courtesy in the conduct of the hotel. The rooms should be kept neat and clean and the staff should maintain a high level of hospitality at all times. Hotel staff should be well trained and equipped with all the facilities and emergency procedures. They should also be familiar with emergency procedures and know how to deal with them in case of any emergency.

It is very important that the guests of these hotels are pampered. The services offered should be excellent. They should be provided at reasonable rates and they should be warmly greeted by the staff of the hotel. They should also be given proper accommodation in the hotels, so that they do not face any inconvenience later.

When you are going for a holiday trip, then it is best that you take along your family members or friends with you. The services rendered by the hotels should ensure that everyone who is with you has a good time. Hence, there should be activities planned that will make your vacation fun filled. In other words, if you have settled for a hotel in Delhi with good reputation, there should be activities planned that will provide you and your family with memorable memories of your trip.

Hotels in Delhi also provide good business facilities to their guests. They should provide everything required for the smooth functioning of a business. They should also be providing high-speed broadband internet connection, so that the online business transactions can be carried out smoothly. The hotels in Delhi with the best repute should also have an arrangement for electronic and telephone payments among their guests.

The hotels in Delhi with the best repute also offer a wide range of services apart from their basic amenities. Some of them even offer spa and fitness centers for their guests. Business travelers can avail top quality business facilities available at the hotel. They should also provide round the clock room service and airport pickup and drop services. Room service packages are also available for those travelers who want to enjoy their stay with a group of friends or relatives.


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