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The Way TikTok Grew As A Major Social Application


Currently, many social applications are launched on both the play store and app store every month. Hence, there are higher possibilities for people to get segmented across various platforms. But TikTok has managed to maintain the huge user base it earned over the period of time. Now TikTok has over one billion monthly active users. However, there are a handful of social applications that are out on the internet. Only very few can come close to the user base of TikTok. TikTok is one among them. Therefore, TikTok has to overcome obstacles to reach the place it has attained today. So, the article will throw light on it and how it gained importance for marketing with time.    

The Initial Days of TikTok:  

When TikTok was introduced globally in 2016, none knew about it. Moreover, only the social applications that were introduced from the United States of America and European Countries became a huge hit. TikTok was from the Chinese company Byte Dance. Since the platform is from an outsider, many considered it an underdog and did not give huge attention to it. But, within one year, TikTok managed to gain a considerable profit. Byte Dance, which rolled out TikTok globally, became the most valued start-up in 2017. Thus, within one year, TikTok gained enormous popularity among people. Usually, if a platform starts to gain fame, it would earn its users mainly from a particular country or a region. But TikTok earned users from many countries at the same pace. Currently, the platform has a vast user base among economically superpower countries like the USA, Canada, and Brazil. Notably, these are the countries that have a large number of internet users. TikTok attained this place amidst the heavy competition from Facebook and Instagram. When marketers thought that Facebook would sustain its position as the primary social application, TikTok emerged as its competitor. Trollishly is one of the popular digital marketing services that have blogs on the rise of TikTok amidst the presence of heavy competition.     

The Flawless Growth of TikTok:

A social platform can gain huge popularity only if it has the features that could drive Generation Z and Millennials towards it. TikTok has such features which made Generation Z stick with it. This age group played a massive role in elevating the reach of this social application. For example, according to research that was conducted in 2018, nearly 65% of teens in the USA were active users of TikTok. This whooping rise in the user base of TikTok gave jitters to Facebook as it had lost a large share of its active users. This in turn, made marketers choose TikTok over Facebook for doing marketing promotions. Because this data made them feel that TikTok would soon grow to the level of Facebook very soon.

On the other hand, on seeing the growth of TikTok, many marketers started pumping money into it for promotions. This led to the inception of the paid services like buy tiktok likes and views. Trollishly is one of the companies that has been offering efficient paid services for a long time now. 

Moves By Facebook Against TikTok:  

One of the remarkable characteristics of TikTok that helped it gain massive reach effortlessly is its video-centric nature. You can only video content on TikTok, and you cannot find any images or text format posts. This has aided this social application to captivate people easily. People usually are intrigued by visual-dominant content. With TikTok being a complete visual-centric social application, people are fascinated by it. The availability to watch an endless number of videos seamlessly made people choose TikTok over others. It is pertinent to note that there are no social applications that are video-centric at that time. So, TikTok also did not have competitors that could hamper its growth. 

On seeing the consistent growth of TikTok, Facebook was driven to the situation to make moves to sustain its position. So, to stop people from moving towards TikTok, Facebook itself rolled out a social application called Lasso. The platform had similar characteristics to TikTok. However, it became a flop as it did not have any unique features that could intrigue the users. Moreover, Facebook also brought changes to its interface. It allotted a section for videos and started giving preference to the video content. Currently, you can find a section called ‘Facebook Watch’, the section that is dedicated to video content. It also has another section, ‘Shorter Videos,’ where you can find videos within one minute. Thus, Facebook is bringing changes to its social application to bring down the growth of its competitor TikTok. Recently, it has launched the Instagram Reels, which has the exact characteristics of TikTok. Therefore, it is ideal to state that TikTok is the pioneer of shorter-duration videos. 

Wrapping Up:

TikTok also faced various accusations, such as selling its user data to the Chinese government. However, it defied these claims and rebuilt its reputation. Thus, the resilience characteristics of this social application aided it to have continuous growth. This is the way this social platform gained massive reach and outpaced its competitors. 


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