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Should we stop using TikTok or not? Is It Safe to Use Tiktok

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To decide whether to use TikTok or not, perhaps it is necessary to find out why this application “caused storm”. over the past time. It is a story about the rapid success of TikTok.

Young people today are no stranger to TikTok. This app floats strongly within the past 2 years a long time. It allows users to create short videos, a maximum of 1 minute, and then share them with each other. Tik-Tok has a library of funny music tracks, audio files, color filters, and fun. effects to provide users when creating videos. Users can also take comedy clips or short movies available in the library for creativity.

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In March 2019, Tik-Tok surpassed 1 billion downloads globally on both iOS and Android platforms. The number of downloads and settings then overtook Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. In Asia, social networking giant Facebook is only fourth on the list of most downloaded apps.

If only two words can be used to describe Tik-Tok, it is “music” and “dance”. Those are the two main factors in Tik-Tok videos, and it is also an international language for Tik-Tok to be popular around the world. Tik-Tok’s success also thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (Big Data) to personalize each object, providing content tailored to user preferences.

Actually, TikTok’s success doesn’t come overnight. ByteDance – the company that develops Tik-Tok – has gone through a long trial process, correcting errors, and localized research for each foreign market.

Finally, thanks to its easy-to-use and easy-to-use features with special effects, Tik-Tok has succeeded beyond developers’ expectations, becoming a trend in North America, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.

Get caught up in the US-China technology war

Because ByteDance is a Chinese company, when tensions between the US and China broke out, Tik-Tok had to “take a shot” with Huawei. While Huawei is listed by the US on a “trade blacklist” and Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer is arrested, Tik-Tok is also being considered by the US and Australia to ban its use.

Tik-Tok is a “fake number” when Apple released iOS 14. The new operating system of “the Apple” is supplemented with many features related to the security and privacy of users. In particular, there is a feature that alerts users every time an application accesses the clipboard. This is the partition on the phone memory that is responsible for temporarily. storing information that the user or the application performs.

Some users when updating to iOS 14 Beta have discovered that some third-party applications. including Tik-Tok, have accessed the clipboard to read the information in it. The data stored in the clipboard can contain very sensitive information that the user enters. from the phone, such as bank password, email password, phone number …

On the social network Reddit, a software engineer nicknamed “Bangorlol” has been tinkering with decompiling the TikTok. source code to find out how it works and what data it collects from users’ phones. Later, he shared that:

“I decompiled the Tik-Tok source code and was confident I could understand how it worked. Basically, Tik-Tok is a personal data collection app hidden in the form of a social network.

So what data does Tik-Tok collect? According to “Bangorlol”, it collects phone hardware information (screen resolution, memory, CPU info); a collection of applications the user has installed on the phone (even uninstalled applications still appear in documents that Tik-Tok collects); information about the device’s IP address; the device has been jailbroken; information from typing, etc.

He also confirmed that he had reverse-translated the source code of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and found that the above-mentioned social networks also collect user data, but the volume of the collection is nothing compared to Tik-Tok. “It’s like comparing a glass of water with an ocean”, “Bangorlol” said.

To be reasonable, nearly every app collects client data for taste investigation, focused on promoting, and other mystery purposes. It has been discovered that many applications also silently read the phone’s temporary memory such as AccuWeather, Call of Duty: Mobile, LinkedIn, BBC News, New York Times, Google News. But TikTok’s collection of gigantic sums of information caused an incredible bargain of concern.

The representative of Tik-Tok responded that reading the clipboard is only to identify unwanted spam behaviors. This position confirmed that this action does not affect the user’s

Can China use App’s for a personal spy?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stated that Tik-Tok users risk losing information to China. And Tik-Tok counterclaimed that all information about users is stored on servers located outside of the mainland.

Mr. Betram, TikTok’s Chief Counsel in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, confirmed to the BBC: “The view that we are controlled by the Chinese government is completely wrong”.

But, like Huawei, the suspicions against TikTok are based on Chinese law. The country’s 2017 National Security Law requires any organization or individual to cooperate with state intelligence upon request. Therefore, Beijing can absolutely force ByteDance to provide user data when needed.

But Mr. Betram said that if the Chinese government finds ByteDance, the company “will reject any request for data provision”.

After all, should I use China App’s?

However, it is still doubtful that ByteDance is unlikely to oppose the government order. A money-label example is the Toutiao app, which was halted 24 hours a day in 2017 after the Beijing Internet Information Bureau claimed Toutiao had spread obscene and vulgar content. Refusing a government request can seriously affect your business.

Is TikTok a propaganda tool of the Chinese government?

Another question posed by Western experts is whether TikTok is a tool for China to spread its culture and politics?

In fact, not all videos that users create can appear on the social network TikTok. The Guardian reported that TikTok employees, as well as the censorship system, are required to comply with some video publishing rules. Videos that defame China will not appear.

The Washington Post also interviewed six former TikTok employees and they said that only a handful of senior Chinese employees have the right to publish or not to publish flagged (sensitive) videos.

In fact, censorship and flagging are mandatory in many social networks. Not only slanderous content about China but almost many other sensitive contents related to Western politicians also did not appear on TikTok.

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ByteDance is also looking to help TikTok “get rid of the” China mark when planning to build TikTok’s headquarters in another country. They also invited American businessman Kevin Mayer to become CEO of TikTok. Kevin Mayer, who is the global director of online video at Disney and took the seat of Disney CEO every morning, but in the end, he chose to park as TikTok.

So, should I delete or keep TikTok?

An American technology director once told a reporter writing this article that the reason TikTok was put on the “top of the radio” at this time was that it was growing too fast and the US did not want it to surpass the “chicken house” of Facebook. , Instagram, and YouTube. It is a political rivalry between the US and China.

Like TikTok, in a media interview, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said that he had anticipated the US embargo situation 10 years ago. Mr. Nham said that the US and China are like two climbers from opposite sides, and when they meet at the top, the competition will take place.

When this article was about to be on the page, yesterday (July 22) the US Senate Committee in charge of Government and Security affairs passed a bill banning federal employees from using TikTok. This bill is titled “No TikTok on government equipment”, submitted by Sen. Josh Hawley. The bill also needs to be voted through by the US Senate to officially take effect.

Recently, India issued a ban on TikTok and 58 other Chinese-originated applications in the context of Sino-Indian relations becoming strained over border conflicts. Explaining the ban, the Indian side said that they are concerned about national security and personal privacy.

While TikTok poses a concern for some governments and experts alike, mainstream users do not consider TikTok a dangerous application. It is seen as light entertainment, a social network connecting people. TikTok’s main users are teenagers, so they don’t care too much about personal information or privacy.

In short, people who don’t like TikTok or are concerned about privacy will never use this app. Agencies or individuals that have confidential and sensitive information in their hands will not install TikTok. The rest are young, dynamic individual users, the right to decide whether or not to delete TikTok is in their hands.



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