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Tips And Tricks To Make You Pro In A Cold War Game?

Are you playing the game call of duty- cold war for the first time? If yes, then there are so many things that you need to consider. Call of duty is a multiplayer game; you can also play this game alone, but it is the game where you have to fight with weapons. It is the game of life and death; the person who will survive until the end of the game or the team that will be alive will win the game. So if you are playing this game for the first time, you should first understand the game and then start playing it.

There are many people who love this game and play it on a daily basis, but still, they may not have an idea of how they can become the master in the game. Some people use the cold war cheats and hack to win the game, but you can still win the game if you follow some of the tips and tricks of this game. If you do not have any idea about Call of Duty, you can check out this article and read it till the end, which will help you in getting learned about everything.

Tips and tricks that you consider…


The game has been changed after the update if you are looking for the best tips that may help you in playing the game and make you the master in that game. If you want to know those tips and tricks, then you can check out the points that are mentioned below-

Get back to basic

You can enjoy playing this game or play the COD on a daily basis, but you may forget some easythings that you may have learned so that you can win the game. Sometimes, while playing the game, the player may be running, but it is not right. When you run your enemies get to know about you, they may get alert about your arrival, and you may die in the game. That is why it will be beneficial if you just sit, hunt, and kill because, in this way, you will not give a single hint to your enemy. That is why it is important to get back to basics instead of going in front and fighting them because that can be negligence, and you may end up losing the game.

Use Shotguns more often

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Shotguns are the right and best tool or weapon you can use in the short-range. If you research, you will know that these shotguns are the best and the most effective weapon than the machine gun and even assault rifle that a person can use in the call of duty game to kill their enemies in the short run. You can choose the two main guns, so it will be better if you will choose one of them as a shotgun so that you will be able to kill more. If you want to win the game, then it will be the best tip that you can consider. Always think before using anything.

No more camping

Camping in the game call of duty or any other game like this means when a team hides at someplace, whether it is a bridge or any other place from where they can just attack the people. But, it is the old fashion and now people are not active, people are now much aware of all those things, and they detect them. Once you get detected, then you will get killed. Now the campers get robbed when they camp. So it will be advisable to keep these things in mind and not camp around the places without any protection of something.

Think Tactically

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Peoplewho love playing the games such as Call of Duty know that it is an extremely fast-paced game. It is just like some action movie in which you can also get killed or kill someone and win the game. It is the game in which you can get slaughtered, and then you can respawn, but you need to start the process of the game from the start. To win the game, people need to think about the game tactically. If you are playing with a team, you need to protect others, and you can take the slow and steady approach, which will reduce the death of the player unnecessary, and you will be able to get a higher score in the game.

Sacrifice attachment slots wisely

There are many times when you play the game you get so confused and does not able to find the right weapon for you. But still, you need to choose any weapon so that you can save yourself from all the attacks until you get the right weapon. But even if you do not have the right weapon, you may get the attachment, so it is important to check the attachments that you may need in the future. So before sacrificing any weapon, it is important to think before sacrificing the attachments.

Don’t pull the trigger

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If you are playing the counter strike, or the players who play COD should never pull the trigger until they are sure. If you have the enemy in front of you and you are completely sure that you can kill them, then only it will be beneficial for you to pull the trigger. If you are in the team, then it is even more important because if you do not keep this in mind and pull the trigger, your enemy will know about your location. So always be careful about these things and always think before you do something that can cost you losing the game.


 You may have understood that if you follow the tips that are mentioned in the above points, you will be able to become the master in the game. You will not have to use any cold war cheats or hacks.