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Top Ways to Humanize Your Brand

Creating Logos

While many brands and businesses operate entirely online these days, providing a human face to go along with them can still go a long way to driving up business. Of course, when you are deciding how to humanize your brand, you need to do so with care and precision. Otherwise, it could have the opposite effect to the one that you were intending.

There are a number of individual benefits that your business can expect to receive from having a human face to your brand. It can help people to see you less as a corporate conglomerate and show them that real people do work at your company. It can also improve your brand image against those who do not have a face for their brand. Having a real person tell your story can also help to provide a greater sense of drama and achievement. So, if you are planning on going through the process of humanizing your brand, here are just a few of the ways that you can achieve this particular goal successfully.

Select the Right Spokesperson

It is no good simply choosing the first person you see. It should be a carefully considered decision before you settle on the spokesperson who is going to give the best impression for your brand. Ideally, the person should be an excellent communicator and should also be able to host a wide range of questions that may come their way. It could be a person who already works at your organization, or alternatively, you may even want to approach a global influencer agency to select somebody who is already well-trained in their field and in the public eye. Of course, it needs to be a person who you believe accurately represents everything that you have to offer as a brand and as a business.

Make This Person Visible

Your next area of responsibility is to ensure that the person is highly visible on occasions when your brand needs representation. Wherever possible, they should be appearing on camera, at public events, and interacting with your customers and clients directly. If this is a person who is already in the public eye, it can also provide a benefit if they mention your company at times that are not specifically promotional occasions. A possible route that you may want to go down is for the person to be a ‘go to’ expert in your particular field. There are several ways to go about this, including the writing of blogs, giving interviews to high-profile media outlets, and generally acting as an influential person in the industry. This way, they are more likely to get called up for future interviews, etc. Social media is obviously a highly useful tool these days, so they should remain highly responsive on these platforms as much as possible.

Maintain a Sense of Consistency

The person who you choose as the public face of your brand needs to be front and center on a consistent basis. It is not good for them to appear from time to time on social media, and that’s it. Otherwise, people are simply not going to make the association from the person to your business. This person needs to be visible enough for people to make instant connections whenever they appear. Remember, consumers often take time to be won over, and this is not something that can be achieved overnight. Persistence certainly pays off in this regard.

Make Them Genuine and Honest

Nobody wants to think that the person representing a brand is simply a paid shill. This means that you need to ensure that they retain a genuine persona and a clear sense of honesty. While they may need a bit of polishing for media interviews, you do not want to go too far the other way in making them appear insincere and robotic. Consumers are so bombarded with advertising and marketing messages these days that they can spot when someone is not genuine. Beforehand, it is worth clearly establishing your principles and what it is that your brand stands for. This way, the ambassador knows what messages need to be continually reinforced. Remember, it is better that you keep these things simple as consumers can only process a certain amount of information about a business or a brand.

Establish Conversations

People generally do not like the feeling that they are being talked at and dictated to. One of the best ways that you can get around this is by establishing conversations with your customers and allowing them to address any queries or other concerns that they have. This can take a couple of main forms. First of all, you have all of the media interviews that the ambassador engages in. It is better if they are well-briefed and prepared to answer the most common and obvious questions effectively. A public relations agency can help to polish these up. The other main form of interaction these days comes via social media. This is an invaluable way of getting customers to interact with your business. Of course, it is a radically different way of communicating compared with face-to-face interviews and comes with its own set of rules and standard conventions.

Hire the Professionals to Help

We have already talked about hiring a public relations or communication agency, but it is worth discussing again. These people are the experts, and it is more than likely that they have experience with a business of your type – particularly if you are careful in making your choice of agency. Of course, before you hire anybody, it is certainly worth checking their credentials to ensure that they can offer the level of service that you are anticipating and expecting.

Humanizing your brand can come with all sorts of benefits for your business, but it is an act that you need to ensure that you are doing the right way. Hopefully, the above tips have proven to be useful in this regard.


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