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Tops Microsoft 365 Tips to Make Your Life Easier


Microsoft Office 365 has a lot to offer. You can achieve high levels of productivity using some of its tools. It also offers both professionals and beginners tons of fantastic resources that they can use.

You may already be familiar with most of the Microsoft Office packages. They include PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and Word. And now, you get all this and so much more on Microsoft 365.   

Depending on the package you go for, you get access to additional functionalities. Onedrive, Microsoft Teams, Publisher, and Planner are some of them. 

The cloud-based product comes as a monthly subscription service. You don’t need to download any applications. You also get access to the latest versions with the constant updates the company rolls out. What this means is that you must keep up with the latest offerings.   

Signing up for some of the Microsoft Office courses may therefore be a good idea. Professionals walk you through the content with step-by-step tutorials.  Best of all, you get to uncover the top Microsoft 365 tips to make your life easier.   

But, to start you off on the right footing, we will share some of them below.  

1. Understand the Package You Are Signing Up To 

Microsoft Office 365 has different subscription packages.  The first tip we can give is to have a good understanding of the features you must have. Next, look for the subscription package that best suits your requirements. 

Use a cost-benefit analysis approach to your thought process. Why do you need to go for the most expensive package if you will not use half the features?  

2. Get Organized With OneNote

 The 24-hour allocation to a typical day can sometimes seem like a big joke. There is so much to do if you factor in family, career/school, and social life. Even with the best intentions, it is easy to forget some things. 

You find that you cannot manage your time and are always playing keep up.  You may have a notebook where you jot down important things. But, how often do you refer to it?  

While we are in no way bashing your favorite little book, it’s time to get digital. That is what you get with OneNote. The digital Notebook will help streamline your life.  You get alerts on your smart device or laptop on things that require your attention.  

That’s not all; OneNote allows you to share documents with other people. It is as simple as moving the saved document from desktop to cloud. You then give access to the relevant people, allowing them access to the documents.  

3. Manage Your Emails and Schedules

Do you find that you have to go to the office early to catch up with the emails?  Now here is an interesting fact that you may not know. Emails and stress have a very close link. And yes, there is research to support this

92% of individuals will have elevated heart and blood pressure when handling work email.  It happens when they see the number of unread messages in their inbox.  The level of productivity goes down because of the amount of time that goes into answering such. 

To avoid email build-up, the typical worker checks their inbox up to 74 times.  Finding a way to manage such communication is critical.  Office 365 has some fantastic features you can use. You can:-

  • Use a focused inbox to assign priority depending on how you interact with emails.  High-priority messages go to the focused folder. Low priority stuff like newsletters or promotional emails goes to the other folder.  But don’t worry about missing important messages. You get an alert about everything that goes to the other folder. 
  •  Ignore group emails by enabling the relevant setting. Such messages will go straight to the trash
  • Recall messages that you sent out by mistake 
  • Use the Outlook scheduling assistant to set up meetings. It is as simple as creating a meeting invitation and adding the people you want to attend.  The tool will then look for a convenient time depending on the availability of everyone. 
  • Enjoy easy collaboration and co-authoring with the real-time chat feature on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  

4. Get More from Office Applications  

There are those features that you may use daily. Such include PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. But do you know their full potential? 

  • PowerPoint Designer as productivity features that will help with graphic design skills
  • PowerPoint Morph helps with slide animations
  • Tell Me feature allows you to search for information without needing to go to a browser
  • Instantly save files to SharePoint or Onedrive from Word without switching applications
  •  Smart Lookup works a lot like the Tell Me feature. You get a search window right within the Word document if you need to do a web search.
  • Easily import data into Excel sheets from browsers or other sources. All you need to do is copy the URL containing what you need. Click load and confirm the content. Now, right-click on the table in the destination document and then refresh.  

5. Breeze Through Project Management with Microsoft Project

Project managers have a lot on their hands. They manage teams, clients, tasks, timelines, and budgets.  Trying to juggle all these can be difficult without the right tools. Microsoft Project provides the perfect way to centralize all activities from one dashboard.  

The project manager can see and keep track of every step of the process. Team members get access so that they know what their roles are. It integrates other applications like Microsoft Teams and Office.

Staff can collaborate and communicate, resulting in higher efficiency. Best of all, the feature is accessible on mobile platforms. Project managers can rest easy knowing they can control everything, even from remote locations.  

6. Work Doesn’t Stop Even When Offline

There are situations when you will not have internet connectivity. Yet, work does not stop because of that minor inconvenience. Office 365 allows you to work offline on the desktop version. You continue to get access to apps like Excel in PowerPoint.  Once you go back online, the system saves everything to the cloud automatically.  

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Office 365 is a robust tool that has tons of excellent features.  Students, professionals, and indeed everyone can use them for maximum productivity.  We have looked at some that can make your life so much easier. 

Yet, we have barely scratched the surface of what is available. Take time to do more research on everything Office 365  has to offer.  


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