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Want to Explore Towns Near Lake Garda? You Should Get an Apartment Here!

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Lake Garda is the most beautiful region in Italy and has plenty of places where you can enjoy the lake with panoramic views. Ant time constraint shortens the itinerary and it won’t be possible to see even the best towns nearby. Most regular visitors prefer to buy apartment in Lake Garda for three reasons.

  • An apartment gives all the time and freedom to see the best of places without any rush.
  • It can be let out and earn rental income when not in use.
  • After retirement, it’s a perfect home in the lap of nature.

However, here are some best places you should not miss once you move here. Take a drive around the lakeshore, and see some of the most charming towns on the way. A round trip around the Lake Garda is about 150km, and it is possible to do it a single day. The roads are narrow, and traffic is high, but when you own an apartment, there is no rush, and you can discover the villages on the way. Visit each place and spend time, take a ferry-boat, and enjoy the bounty of nature. Those tourists who come here on a short trip rush through and only see the lake through the car’s window. Having your own place changes everything!


It is located on the south shore of the lake and is at the top of the list of tourists coming here. A small peninsula encapsulates the town, which towers almost 4 kilometres in the lake. If you want to discover the town to the fullest, spend a day here. Reaching here is easy, and the town is in the mid of the tourist between Milan, Verona, and Venice. If you are driving, you will come across the best scenery Italy has to offer. It is best to reach here early in the morning or late in the afternoon as it is busy throughout the day. You can also come here by boat, which will help you to avoid heavy traffic altogether. As vehicles are not allowed in the historic city centre, take a walk and admire them.


It is the most picturesque towns of Lake Garda. The colourful buildings are picturesque waterfront area look great. On the road from Riva to Limone, you will come across many tunnels that offer beautiful views over before you reach the town. It has a lovely waterfront promenade and a cosy old town with numerous restaurants, café, and shops. It is to combine a visit to Limone along with Riva. Leave behind your car and take a ferry boat. As the distance is not so significant, it will not take that long, and the ferry fees are not too high.


It is a lovely town surrounded by cliffs and high mountains on the northern shore of the lake. Come here by boat, and you will remember the journey for a long. It has a lovely little old town with narrow streets and a lot of shopping and dining options. Shop at the local specialties and get all kinds of traditional gifts. It offers a nice day trip on the lake but is also an excellent base to stay. The mountains of Trentino are incredible and waiting to be explored.

Much Left to Explore!

Buy an apartment in Lake Garda to see the mesmerizing views and savor the local specialties. Visit the site of any reputed realtor, you can easily find the desired one. So, don’t wait to explore Italy and reap the many benefits.


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